Cité de la Mer Museum Uplifts the Underwater Experience with BenQ Projectors

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  • 2023-10-06
Cité de la Mer Museum Uplifts the Underwater Experience with BenQ Projectors
Cité de la Mer Museum Uplifts the Underwater Experience with BenQ Projectors
The Issue

To create a smooth immersive experience during its marine abysses exhibition, Cité de la Mer Museum was looking for a projection system that could authentically simulate the abyssal experience and uncover the mysteries of the deep sea. The museum aimed to integrate an audiovisual solution that seamlessly combined practicality and superb image quality to captivate the visitors.

The Solution

After undergoing an evaluation process on the requirements and teaming up with Videlio, a leader in audiovisual expertise, the museum selected BenQ projectors to fulfil their vision of an immersive underwater exploration. The models chosen included three pieces of LU951ST projectors and one ST8601K digital signage.

The Result

The project's success was evidenced by the Cité de la Mer Museum's new abyss tour, which offers a unique immersion into the depths of the sea. Visitors can now immerse themselves in the secrets of the ocean with the utmost clarity, thanks to the high-resolution projection combined with exceptional durability.

Facts at a Glance

Year of Completion



BenQ Solutions

  • 3 x LU951ST
  • 1 x ST8601K





Cherbourg-en-Cotentin, France



To bring a more profound immersive experience to its exhibition of marine abysses that utterly detaches the visitors from the world, Cité de la Mer Museum chose BenQ projectors for their high-resolution performance, quality-price ratio, and overall robustness. 

Cité de la Mer Upgrades the Immersive Voyage

The Cité de la Mer Museum, located in Cherbourg-en-Cotentin, France, specialises in aquarium and exhibition spaces dedicated to exploring the relationship between man and the sea. With a history spanning two decades and over 4.5 million visitors, the museum has established itself as a prominent Norman tourist site. As part of its commitment to offering an extraordinary real-life visitor experience, the museum sought to renovate its underwater discovery trail and create a more immersive encounter with the ocean depths.

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Challenges at Hand

Change for the better can be quite tricky sometimes, but it is always well worth it. Creating a redeveloped part of the underwater route posed some challenges for the museum. The objective was to replicate the sensation of descending into the abyss. This was realised using a staircase featuring three superimposed projectors for wider diffusion and a cut-out image. The projection had to be onto blue-light canvases and a grey wall, necessitating a high contrast ratio. Also, the projectors needed to be placed in vertical mode due to spatial constraints.

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BenQ Brings Far-Fetched Ideas to Life

The Cité de la Mer Museum launched a call for tenders via the local authority to seek the most suitable projectors. It partnered with Videlio, an audiovisual expertise leader, for this project and discussed the possible solutions. BenQ projectors were the natural choice as they met the specific needs of the endeavour, including a high contrast ratio and short focal length requirements. The decision was influenced by the balance of quality and cost, as well as the ease of maintenance due to the projectors' robustness and accessibility which kept them away from the early replacement of the projectors. In addition, the laser technology provided the light source of the projectors helped them avoid any maintenance or lamp replacement for up to 20,000 hours.

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The process of selecting and integrating the projectors was facilitated by Projection Services, BenQ's tailored simulation and immersive projection service. Projector experts at BenQ helped the Cité de la Mer Museum develop their projection ideas and find the right products that met their expectations. They did so by providing technical consultation on 3D mapping, projector model selection, estimation of the projector numbers, and integration to ensure seamless implementation.


As a result of the collaboration between the Cité de la Mer Museum and BenQ, the visitor experience of the abyssal depths exploration changed for the better. The careful selection of BenQ projectors, guided by their performance characteristics, low-maintenance, and quality-price ratio, enabled an immersive, high-quality underwater display that resonates with the museum's commitment to showcasing the wonders of the sea.

Cité de la Mer Museum is highly satisfied with the results, as the BenQ projectors have enabled them to create a stunning experience for the terrestrial world and a mesmerising underwater exploration.