Civil Aviation Flight University of China Recruits BenQ for International Flight Simulator Project

  • BenQ
  • 2019-09-16
Civil Aviation Flight University of China Recruits BenQ for International Flight Simulator Project

The Civil Aviation Flight University of China wanted to install new flight simulators to better train prospective pilots. They wanted technology that would create an immersive and realistic environment for flight training, and they needed it from a vendor that offered local after-sales support.


Working together, BenQ and ALSIM, a flight-simulator manufacturer from France, were able to overcome the issues the project faced. By pairing ALSIM flight-simulator know-how with BenQ’s leading projection technology and worldwide service, the Civil Aviation Flight University of China was able to get a simulator that met all of their requirements.


Thanks to high-resolution projection and seamless edge blending, the new flight simulator is incredibly immersive. Furthermore, staff at the Civil Aviation Flight University of China know that if the equipment requires maintenance or service, experienced BenQ technicians will be available to help.

Facts at a Glance

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BenQ Solution Used

  • BenQ LU951ST WUXGA Short Throw Laser Projector






A major flight school installs new immersive flight simulators that incorporate advanced projection equipment


Known as “the Cradle of Chinese Civil Aviation Pilots,” the Civil Aviation Flight University of China (CAFUC) is the largest civil aviation university in all of Asia. Since being founded in 1966, CAFUC has developed and grown consistently and now boasts over 16,000 full-time students, 5 airports and 262 airplanes. Considering that nearly of 90% civil aviation captains and 50% of air traffic controllers in China graduated from CAFUC, it’s no stretch to say that it’s both the most important and influential civil flight school in the nation.

To reduce the costs and risks involved in flight training, it’s customary for future pilots to spend many hours practicing with realistic flight simulators before they ever step foot into a real cockpit. These flight simulators have made training both safer and cheaper, thereby enabling civil aviation to flourish across the world. The more accurate the simulation, the more comfortable pilots who’ve trained on it will feel when they finally take flight in a real plane.

Always looking to improve the learning experience for its trainees, CAFUC decided it was time to upgrade its flight simulators. They partnered with ALSIM, a French company that specializes in flight simulation technology. But even after choosing their simulation provider, there was still the matter of procuring the projectors required to create the simulation. The required specifications for such projectors were quite demanding, meaning there were few vendors that could provide them.


Although CAFUC was very impressed with ALSIM’s technology, there was one big issue: ALSIM wasn’t in a position to provide local after-sales service. That’s where BenQ entered the picture. A global leader in projection with branches all across the world, BenQ was one of the few companies able to provide both the technology and support that CAFUC sought.

On the technology side, BenQ provided CAFUC with LU951ST WUXGA Short Throw Laser Projectors. In the past, CAFUC had used projectors equipped with optional lenses to create its simulations. The LU951ST projectors, in contrast, were ready to be used straight out of the box thanks to their short throw lengths. Installed in sets of three, the LU951ST projectors were used to create a video wall that simulated the cockpit view of a real aircraft; BenQ’s edge-blending technology ensured that intersections between the projected images were seamless. The projectors WUXGA resolution and high brightness also guaranteed a realistic, immersive experience for prospective pilots. Furthermore, because the lasers in LU951ST projectors are rated to deliver 20,000 hours of performance, CAFUC is confident that they’ll be able to use the projectors for many years.

Just as important as the technology, however, was the service that BenQ was able to offer. A truly global company, BenQ can offer worldwide warranties. It also was able to provide local after-sales service to CAFUC in the event of issues. Most other projector makers don’t have this extensive reach. BenQ was the one that was able to offer both the technology and service necessary to bring this international project to fruition.


The results so far have been positive. BenQ’s LU951ST projectors deliver high resolution and the short throw length necessary for a realistic flight experience, while their compact form factor allowed three projectors to be installed inside the tight quarters of the simulated cockpit. Meanwhile, BenQ’s global reach and ability to provide local after-sales service made it a perfect fit for CAFUC’s needs. By combining technology and service, BenQ helped provide a truly immersive flight simulator that will give CAFUC students valuable flight experience for years to come.