The Frankfurt Romanticism Museum finds innovative exhibition solutions with the BenQ short-throw projectors

  • BenQ
  • 2022-06-28
The Issue

To get a smooth and uninterrupted immersive experience, the staff at the Romanticism Museum needed specific projectors, which could also be placed strategically, outside of the visitor’s view. Moreover, there was the issue of the limited space where to install the beamers.

The Solution

With BenQ projectors, it is possible to have clear images in dark rooms with the automatic adjustment to different lighting environments, as well as no shadows thanks to the short throw function. And by choosing different set-ups, the images are projected into any surface.

The Result

Now the museum can offer great interactivity for all its visitors, and let them experience first-hand the cultural atmosphere of German Romanticism.

Facts at a Glance

Year of Completion



BenQ Solutions

Displays between 10" and 83"

Projectors LH720, LK952 & LK953ST







Frankfurt, Germany




To make the permanent exhibitions synaesthetic, the cultural history of Romanticism was to be digitally staged. Smart displays and projectors were therefore used, which enable the attractive presentation of moving images as well as greater interactivity.

The guiding idea behind the staging of the German Romanticism Museum is to make Romanticism tangible to all the senses. Visitors to the museum should be able to immerse themselves in Goethe's epoch. Therefore, when using the projectors, it was necessary to ensure that the projections would not be interrupted or disturbed by passing visitors or objects. In addition, the technology had to remain invisible to the visitors' eyes. One of the crucial factors was the placement of the devices, which was further complicated by a spatially confined installation. For the selection of suitable models, it was also essential that the projectors enable "projection mapping" or "video mapping", e.g. the projection of adapted image content onto a three-dimensional object.

Individual approaches for innovative exhibitions

BenQ solutions are used in a total of 10 thematic stations on the cultural history of German Romanticism. Thanks to the agile approach to planning, with close coordination between the customer, the scenographers and MESO, it was possible to select the right technology for the respective purpose. In addition to displays in all sizes between 10" and 83", the museum also uses projectors from the LK953ST, LK952 and LH720 series. All three projectors are particularly powerful and enable both projection mapping and large-screen projection in dark rooms as well as on designed walls.

Razor-sharp images with high-precision 4K HDR projections and Full HD resolution

With high-precision 4K HDR Blue Core laser projections, the LK953ST and LK952 models ensure that visitors can also be presented with images of the past era of the highest quality. The LH720 model with Full HD resolution ensures detailed projection even in the darker rooms of the museum thanks to automatic adjustment to the lighting conditions. Unwanted shadows, fading and interference are eliminated due to the LK953ST's short-throw function, keeping museum visitors' attention on multimedia content at all times. Horizontal and vertical lens shifts ensure perfectly proportioned images everywhere and at all times with no loss of quality for all models used. The Keystone function of the LH720 also allows distortion-free projection of texts, manuscripts, books, sketches and romantic paintings from different angles.

For perfect integration

Another advantage is the installation flexibility of the LK952 and LK953ST through 360° rotation. Both models can be mounted at any angle, allowing projection onto museum ceilings, walls and floors. Thanks to the LK952's generous zoom range and horizontal/vertical lens shift systems, this allows the image to be perfectly aligned in any location, no matter how challenging, and cleverly compensates for keystone limitations. The compact design of the BenQ models ensures that the projectors can be integrated into the architecture of the museum in a space-saving manner. For the projectors to blend in further with their surroundings and remain invisible to the eyes of museum visitors, some of the white projectors were also colour-matched to the installation environment using a black film from BenQ. The ceiling-mounted LK952 and LK953ST series projectors can be conveniently operated remotely, allowing for easy adjustment of the visuals and quick shutdown outside of opening hours. As all model series used are compatible with the most common projector control systems, it is also possible to manage the projectors in a centralised manner.

The performance of BenQ's high-precision projectors fully meets the museum's requirements. The innovative form of the exhibition draws visitors into the spell of one of Germany's decisive key eras with the help of a multimedia presentation and brings them closer to historical content through exciting, modern forms of mediation. For visitors of all ages - from young to old - a visit to the museum is thus an experience that far exceeds that of conventional forms of exhibition.