Stunning Full-Dome Projection System for an Immersive Experience in Planetarium 1

  • BenQ
  • 2022-01-27
The Issue

The Planetarium 1 team is working to launch new projects in Russia. For their fourth Planetarium in Nizhny Novgorod they needed nine laser projectors with a throw ratio suitable for an 18-metre-diameter dome.

The Solution

All previous Planetarium 1 projection systems are built with BenQ projectors, which proved to be a reliable and efficient solution. Therefore, the customer decided to use the projectors from an established manufacturer, and equipped the new Planetarium with nine BenQ LU950 installation laser projectors.

The Result

Due to the LU950 projectors’ high resolution and brightness, as well as extended colour coverage, the Planetarium 1 team was able to create high quality projection for various multimedia performances.

Facts at a Glance

Year of Completion



BenQ Solution Used

BenQ Projectors LU950 x9







Nizhny Novgorod, Russia




The Planetarium 1 team needed nine laser projectors with a throw ratio suitable for a new Planetarium with 18-metre-diameter dome.

The Issue

The Planetarium 1 team, which successfully opened the world’s largest planetarium in 2017, continues to launch its “space” projects in Russian cities. The new one is situated in Nizhny Novgorod, in Western Russia. In early November, Planetarium 1 - with a dome diameter of 18 metres - was opened in Switzerland Park, which was completely renewed in preparation for the 800th anniversary of the city.

The Nizhny Novgorod Planetarium is the fourth project of the team. The first three are located in the building of the former gasholder in St. Petersburg, in the Sirius educational centre in Sochi, and in the English Park in Yerevan (Armenia).

All planetariums use a full-dome projection system, created independently by the specialists of the Planetarium 1 team. This system is a high-precision optical-mechanical design with additional cooling, which works with a digital projection system and a powerful video server. It has a number of advantages over other solutions, both in terms of cost and functionality. From the very first St. Petersburg project, the Planetarium 1 projection system has been built using BenQ projectors. The new Planetarium in Nizhny Novgorod was no exception, and was equipped with projectors from a proven manufacturer.

The Solution

The Nizhny Novgorod planetarium utilises nine BenQ LU950 laser projectors installation. These projectors perfectly meet the requirements of the new Planetarium. They have a throw ratio of 1.36 ~ 2.18, which is suitable for an 18-metre-diameter dome. The laser light source of BenQ LU950 projectors has an almost eternal resource, so it does not require replacement, unlike lamps, which need to be replaced every six months. At the same time, the image quality doesn’t decay over time.

And the projection quality is really amazing. First, the LU950 has a WUXGA (1920x1200) resolution and brightness of 5000 ANSI lumens. Secondly, it has an extended 92% Rec. 709 colour coverage, compared to only 70-80% in conventional office projectors. That’s why the image is very clear, rich and immersive. The visitors can experience this while watching films about the origin of the solar system and space exploration.

In addition, the planetarium aims to hold immersive performances, multimedia shows, as well as conferences and presentations, in cooperation with businesses. It means that the projectors will be utilised more than the set opening hours. BenQ LU950 projectors helps to meet this challenge by reducing time and costs of projection system maintenance. The reliability and durability of the projectors are ensured by the DustGuard™ Pro dustproof technology, with hermetically sealed laser light source. It effectively eliminates colour wheel sensor failure, visible spots on the image and colour decay, to significantly reduce service costs and downtime.

“Project Planetarium 1 has been extremely successful from the very beginning. It attracts a wide variety of audiences due to its unique format and largely thanks to the high quality projection made with BenQ projectors.”

- Evgeny Gudov, the Planetarium 1 founder.

The Result

Planetarium No. 1 is a modern multimedia location where full-dome films, performances, audiovisual shows, immersive theatrical performances and presentations are held. Thanks to the BenQ LU950 laser projectors, which display breathtaking images, the planetarium can become a point of attraction for citizens of Nizhny Novgorod of all ages, as well as a new platform for media arts and interesting business projects promotion.