Lotte Department Store Teams Up with BenQ for K-Live X Mixed Reality Entertainment Zone

  • Joshua Holko
  • Landscape, Nature, Wilderness Photographer / Australia
  • 2019-10-30
Lotte Department Store Teams Up with BenQ for K-Live X Mixed Reality Entertainment Zone

Lotte Department Store in Busan, South Korea, wished to create an MR (Mixed Reality) entertainment zone that would allow people of all ages to enjoy action-packed sports activities without any need for equipment. The store needed projectors that offered short throw distances, high resolution, and ample brightness.


While most projectors require pricey extra components to achieve short throw distances, BenQ’s LU951ST projectors offered short-throw capabilities right out of the box. By combining images from multiple projectors, Lotte Department Store was able to develop an MR entertainment zone that produced bright, vivid imagery in a small space.


Since it opened this year, the K-Live X MR entertainment zone has quickly become a standout among the department store’s offerings. By allowing shoppers to experience a truly mixed reality with moving imagery that cover the floor and walls, Lotte Department Store has been providing unforgettable experiences for adults and children alike.

Facts at a Glance

Year of Completion



BenQ Solution Used

  •  BenQ LU951ST WUXGA Short Throw Laser Projector 






A department store uses short-throw projection to provide realistic MR sports action in small spaces


South Korea is a hotbed of technological innovation and Lotte Department Store is no exception. In Busan, South Korea’s second largest city that is renowned for both big business and bustling beaches, one Lotte Department Store branch was looking to introduce an exciting new mixed reality experience to its shoppers. The department store began planning a special mixed reality entertainment zone, K-Live X, which was to be built on the store’s 8th floor. Visitors would be able to participate in realistic MR matches of soccer, basketball, and other sports, all with no need for special equipment.

However, even after the concept was finished, there were still challenges to overcome. Lotte Department Store still had to choose the best projectors for the zone. These projectors would have to have sufficient brightness for providing a realistic, exhilarating experience for users. Furthermore, space allotted for the MR entertainment zone was limited. Projectors installed on the ceiling would have to be able to deliver distortion-free images to the floor and walls. This meant projectors capable of short throw distances were an absolute must.


Although there were many projectors that met most of the required features, only one company offered a projector that met all of them. BenQ’s LU951ST WUXGA Short Throw Laser Projector offered both the brightness and resolution necessary for mixed reality. But its biggest advantage was its lens. Whereas many other projectors required pricey optional components to perform short-throw projection, the LU951ST had been engineered to offer short throw distances right out of the box. This feature set it apart from the competition and was one of the main points that encouraged Lotte Department Store to choose it.

In addition to offering 5,000 lumens of BlueCore-laser brightness and WUXGA resolution that surpasses Full HD resolution, BenQ’s LU951ST WUXGA Short Throw Laser Projector also boasts many features that make it the perfect solution for immersing an audience in wonder. The LU951ST is capable of 360° rotation, which maximizes installation flexibility and ensures it can project in any direction. Furthermore, Big Zoom and Lens Shift features allow users to adjust the location and size of the projected image without having the physically move the projector, so as to facilitate easy installation even in challenging spaces. Finally, BenQ BlueCore laser projectors are built to be nearly maintenance free while offering bright, colorful picture for 20,000 hours or longer. This combination of features makes the LU951ST the perfect projector for creating an immersive MR environment that will look exquisite and perform reliably both today and tomorrow.


Since opening in March of this year, Lotte Department Store’s K-Live X MR entertainment zone has been wowing customers. People from Busan, as well as from the rest of South Korea and even abroad, have stopped by the new zone to enjoy exhilarating matches of MR basketball, soccer, curling, and more. BenQ’s projectors have performed as promised, and thanks to BenQ’s proven reliability and worldwide support, Lotte Department Store is sure that the K-Live X MR entertainment zone will continue to bring joy to shoppers for many years to come.