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The New Work Way: BenQ Solutions Make Hybrid Work Possible at BAZE

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  • 2021-10-14
New Work at BAZE with BenQ
New Work at BAZE with BenQ
The Challenge

Work models have changed substantially over the years. In the age of New Work today, there is high demand for easy and adaptable concepts. The BAZE Business Centre Hamburg also offers numerous options for modern work. Individuals or multiple employees from companies can uses offices temporarily, rent a desk by the hour in a co-working space, select the location as a virtual business address, or take advantage of various conference rooms – whatever suits their individual needs. BAZE clients have very different reasons for meetings: They may be there for lectures, team discussions, and design thinking workshops, client presentations or seminars. Critical aspects are always functionality, comfortable service, and professional equipment. That is why the conference rooms in the Business Centre are fully equipped and “ready for work”: This is ensured by ergonomic furniture, high speed internet and state-of-the-art technology, to name a few examples. Optimal technical tools are indispensable for a New Work provider such as BAZE since many companies, trainers and coaches rent spaces for their meetings or workshops and they expect modern and easy-to-use equipment there to ensure that an event runs smoothly.

The Solution

In their search, the BAZE staff in charge quickly found the right manufacturer for technical equipment in a conference room. For them, the best option was obvious – supply the room with BenQ solutions. That is because speakers and seminar leaders need reliable and high-quality, premium technology that works intuitively and without much effort in a Business Centre. After all, they usually rent a conference room for only a few hours or a day, do not know the equipment on site and do not want to invest much time in learning how to use it. The conference camera DVY22, the interactive display RP8602 and the presentation system InstaShow WDC20 from BenQ meet these requirements.

The Challenge

In the COVID-19 pandemic, the strict infection protection requirements and also people’s fears have made it difficult to hold in-person events. This makes it all the more important for BAZE to have a set-up with BenQ products that also allows for hybrid workshops. Ira Rüder, CEO of Change4Success, has already rented the conference room with BenQ equipment multiple times and can attest: “It is great: While some sit here in Hamburg, the others are spread out across the world. Nonetheless, we work together.” In the future, many trainers will also like that it is no longer necessary for all participants to travel to a central event location thanks to BenQ technology.

Facts at a Glance

Year of Completion



BenQ Solutions

  • RP8602 Interactive Display 
  • Conference Camera DVY22
  • Presentation System InstaShow WDC20



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BAZE wants to enable New Work for its customers. With BenQ's solutions, (hybrid) meetings and workshops become interactive and can start immediately without training.

The Solution

BAZE considered it important that the solutions were high-quality ones and also user-friendly, while simultaneously offering multi-layered collaborative approaches.

The services of the three BenQ products employed definitely meet these requirements. The 4K UHD conference camera DVY22 with 4x digital zoom, a 126° field of view and omnidirectional microphones with noise reduction enables the ultimate video conferencing experience, especially in medium-sized meeting rooms. The AI-controlled auto-framing ensures that all persons in the room are shown on a screen. The video conference functions of the camera let people in remote locations participate “live” in a seminar and interact with the trainer. This ensures successful communicative exchange, also in hybrid event formats.

Videoconference with BenQ solutions
Intuitive Kollaboration mit der BenQ Whiteboardsoftware EZWrite

But that is not all: The interactive display RP8602 encourages collaborative partnership. On the pre-installed EZWrite 5 Cloud Whiteboard, teams can collect ideas across multiple locations and share them with each other in real time. After the workshop, the saved results can be sent to all participants with only few clicks. The advantage: Everyone has the results of the meeting digitally available right away, without the training leader having to photograph numerous notices on a conventional whiteboard.

Furthermore, InstaShow WDC20 also ensures meetings that are noticeably more productive. The wireless HDMI presentation system is up and running in no time thanks to plug-and-play – additional driver and software installation is not necessary. Irrespective of the end devices that the training participants bring along, InstaShow is compatible with every operating system and every hardware platform, and quickly connects to many other devices. An IT support team or instruction on the technology are not necessary, so that coaches can start immediately and concentrate fully and entirely on the content and their participants. Ira Rüder says: “Well functioning technology is especially important to us if we work with hybrid groups because we use the whiteboard function or screen sharing collaboratively, for example. Then everyone sees the same thing and everyone has the work results at their disposal – irrespective of whether a person is sitting in the room or taking part remotely.”

Mit BenQ InstaShow einfach per Knopfdruck Präsentationen und Meetings starten
The Result

The BenQ solutions have helped BAZE design the rooms for its clients’ needs. Ira Rüder sees it this way too: “At BAZE we are especially happy because the location is perfectly equipped for the New Work approaches and has modern technology. The BenQ solutions mean: Show up and get going – that is important to us.”

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