Secta Immersive Enhances Trainings in Immersive Rooms with LH890UST Projectors

  • BenQ
  • 2022-04-19
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Expert in the field of virtual medical training, Secta Immersive needed, for their immersive rooms, new projectors with a deeper colour and brightness which could be tried out before purchasing and that had a total and complete assistance from the vendor.


After contacting a BenQ representative, the company had an in loco meeting thanks to the BenQ live demo. With the BenQ LH890UST projectors, Secta Immersive found the best solution for training projects by using beamers with a shorter throw ratio than they did before, which guarantee crisper colours and clearer images.


A specialised team brought different projectors until they found the one that was a better fit for the company’s needs. Now Secta Immersive can provide medical trainings with an enhanced realism for health care students, sharper colours and a total hands-on experience with the LH890UST.

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Dordrecht, The Netherlands



Secta Immersive looked for projectors to improve its immersive rooms, and get sharp and distinctive images. 

Specialised in building fully-interactive immersive rooms, Secta Immersive is a Dutch company founded nine years ago in Dordrecht by a group of experts in the medical field, whose goal was to create an innovative and high-quality support for customers in the area of medical equipment.

For their immersive rooms, the company was looking for a new projector that had some specific features, like an easy installation process and a professional outlook, along with a bright and a clear view. Before choosing the BenQ LH890UST, there have been many meetings with BenQ’s support team, which provided tests and try-outs of various models. Jurgen Quaak, B2B Product Manager at BenQ, followed the entire process, which started with a live demo. At the company site, different BenQ projectors were brought to the interactive room, and were tried to find out the most suitable one for that specific solution.


‘Together with GeoBox, our projectors were chosen as the best solution for Secta Immersive’, said Quaak. Compared to the previously used beamers, the scene quality is higher, and this impact how people in the immersive room can get the right idea of the environment they are supposed to be, and a better training experience. The company’s plan is to expand also to other areas, like education, university and schools, for immersive classrooms, and environments for children with special needs.

In the immersive room, trainings take a different shape. With virtual technology, it is possible to re-create different environments and simulations, like in-hospital situation, emergencies or hazardous scenario, in total safety. In the immersive rooms, teams and students have the possibility to learn how it is to manage a patient in a real-life scenario or driving an ambulance in trafficked roads, in vivid realistic simulations.

With a space between 16 and 25m2, Secta's immersive room is a fully interactive space where trainers and students plunge themselves completely, and where they can interact with every surface, and with smells, sounds, smoke, wind, and other sensory effects. With hundreds of pre-built scenarios – although it is possible to have them customised to specific needs – medical training's students can find themselves into emergency situations, which replicate the stressful and chaotic environments, in order to offer a real-to-life experience.

Thanks to its sharp realism, the immersive room brings the students into the event, thus forming and preparing medical trainees to the reality they will encounter in their career paths. For such a complex environment, a reliable projector is paramount, to get the best and most real medical training. One of the requirement for the projectors was to have a short throw ratio so that it could be mounted closer to the wall, thus diminishing the shadow effect. Moreover, the BenQ LH890UST has crisp view and sharper colours.

Great Results with the New Projectors

‘Our immersive rooms is an interactive place where we display scenes from 270 or 360 degree on all the four walls. Along with smoke, smell, scents, wind, and various temperature, they also feature 2.1 stereo and 5.1 audio surround, to create sounds from different sides of the room’, says Pim Speksnijder, manager at Secta Immersive.

‘From BenQ we had a great technical support through all the process, from the first contact to the final choice of the best projector for our requirements. Also, we had the possibility to test new products and find the one we needed’, adds Speksnijder. ‘With BenQ projectors we went through an easy installation process, and now our images are brighter and clearer. Also, compared to the models we used before, the LH890UST is quieter’.

At the site in Dordrecht, the immersive room - used for training in the medical field – is utilised circa 25 times a year. In other locations where the immersive rooms were built, these are employed daily, sometimes for four, five hours per day. ‘We haven’t used the BenQ projectors for a long time, but we find out that the quality and technical specs of these projectors are very good,’ explains Speksnijder. ‘Now we have built three venues with the LH890UST projectors: our showroom, one in the Hogeschooll Rotterdam, in South Holland and a 360 degree room at the Horizon College in Purmerend, in North Holland’.

Although the first goal of the company is related to the medical sector, recently its field has been widening towards educations (universities, high schools and learning centres). At the moment, the company is building immersive rooms in the Benelux area, especially in the medical sector, but they are also expanding into new countries - France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and Spain -.

‘With the previous brand we used, when we had a technical problems or question, it always took a long time before we got some support. With BenQ we only have to call, we get the information and test when needed’.

-Pim Speksnijder, Secta Immersive