Simmons Gainsford Boosts Collaboration and Connectivity in the Hybrid Workplace

  • BenQ
  • 2022-08-08
Simmons Gainsford boosts collaboration and connectivity in the hybrid workplace
Simmons Gainsford boosts collaboration and connectivity in the hybrid workplace

The Issue

Simmons Gainsford needed easy to use technology for a smooth transition to the hybrid workplace to guarantee engaging and collaborative meetings.

The Solution

To comply with these requests, the IT team chose BenQ’s monitors for all the desks, five meeting room displays, wireless presentation devices and cameras and video solutions, to create a thriving hybrid workplace environment for in-office, remote work and larger meeting solutions.

The Result

With no training needed, all the workers are now using the double-screen set-ups, the video conferencing devices and the cameras for a productive and flexible working experience. Moreover, BenQ’s Eye-Care technology takes care of the workers’ health.

Facts at a Glance

Year of Completion



BenQ Solutions

• 150x GW2480T monitors

• 4x 65” CS6501 Display

• 1x 86” CS8601 Display

• 4x InstaShow® WDC20

• 5x DVY22 Cameras





Gainsford, United Kingdom



To create a thriving hybrid working environment for all their employees, the Simmons Gainsford firm looked for accessible and reliable technology that could be a perfect fit in their new London-based office.  

The Simmons Gainsford team moved to a new home in the heart of London’s West End. The stunning 14th floor location provides panoramic views across London for the accountancy and taxation firm, which also has offices in Sussex and Gibraltar.

In keeping with the look and feel of the new space, the IT team were looking to refresh their displays and video solutions to more modern and ergonomic designs, ensuring optimum comfort throughout the working day.

Recently transitioning to a hybrid workplace, Simmons Gainsford team now have the flexibility to work remotely, from the office or on the road. To cater for this way of working, the team needed a solution that ensured remote colleagues could collaborate and engage in meetings as effectively as those present in the office. Simultaneously in office colleagues needed technology that was user friendly, intuitive, and promoted collaboration amongst the team.

The right monitors for a comfortable day at the office

Each desk was equipped with two BenQ GW2480T monitors on height adjustable arms to ensure that all hot desk users had a comfortable and safe working experience. These sleek and stylish displays are placed side by side in a dual set up, daisy chained together, enabling the two screens to be automatically used as one display. The ultra-thin bezel makes this possible with virtually no interruption between the displays. To connect, users simply bring their laptop and plug in one USB-C cable to use the two displays in tandem.

The Full HD Displays have a wide viewing angle and feature BenQ’s exclusive Eye-Care Technology, a premium factor in Simmons Gainsford’s buying decision. Ideal for ensuring comfort, the display’s Low Blue Light and Flicker-Free performance, combats the symptoms of fatigue during extended viewing.

Industry-leading Brightness Intelligence Technology delivers exquisite details in any ambient lighting environment, perfect for ensuring the team can enjoy the 360° views of London all day from their 14th floor vantage point.

Meeting rooms fitted for efficiency and productivity

To ensure that those working from home can be brought effectively into meetings taking place in the office, each of the four meeting rooms features a 65” Corporate Meeting Room Display. This delivers 4K UHD resolution for highly engaging meetings and conferences. Presentations can also be wirelessly and simply casted to the screen and controlled using the remote control, which doubles as a clicker.

Each screen is accompanied by a DYV22 camera, ideal for medium sized meeting rooms. The cameras, are compatible with all leading video conferencing solutions to ensure flexibility. The camera optimises the experience for everyone with 4K UHD video, a 126° wide field of view, 4x digital zoom and AI-powered auto framing. Omnidirectional microphones ensure that all participants can be heard as well as seen.

To facilitate effective collaboration and screen sharing in meetings, each meeting room was equipped with an InstaShow® wireless presentation device. This intuitive plug-n-play solution allows participants to connect with the touch of a button to enable simple, secure sharing. This helps to ensure that meetings get underway promptly, by saving time never having to locate cables. As this is an all-hardware solution, no software or driver updates are needed, ever!

For larger meetings and to encourage company-wide collaboration, an 86” display was installed in open working spaces, delivering enterprise-grade 4K UHD visuals. Connectivity for sharing presentations is simplified by removing the need for wires, drives and even laptops using BenQ’s Account Management System (AMS), which enables access to documents, sheets, and slides through the cloud.

'The large meeting room displays, cameras and InstaShow® buttons are ideal for encouraging collaboration and democratising the meeting experience by making sure that those at home can take part as effectively as if they were in the room.'

- Umesh Chochan, IT manager of Simmons Gainsford