SV Kampong Sports Club

  • BenQ
  • 2018-01-18
Sports Club Improves Canteen Atmosphere with Attractive Menu & Event Signage

The main challenge was that the new club house had not yet been built, but the project team wanted to incorporate Digital Signage Solutions. MENUDigitaal, the system integrator, had to demonstrate smart signage and then add installation locations to the still-developing blueprints.


Install an easily manageable signage space that improved direct marketing and streamlined referee meetings at the newly built SV Kampong club house. The smart signage would display club information and, in the canteen, food options and specials.


Although initially SV Kampong intended to order just a single digital display, in the end they ordered 24 signage products, including four InstaShow® wireless presentation solution units, making official meetings even easier.

Facts at a Glance

Year of Completion



BenQ Solution Used

  • BenQ Smart Signage     ST550K/ST430K/ST650K
  • BenQ Super Narrow Bezel Display PH550
  • X-Sign Content Management Software
  • InstaShow® Wireless Presentation Solution





Install smart signage in a new arena’s canteen area


While under construction SV Kampong spoke with MENUDigitaal to outline what needed to be incorporated in the new facility. In the canteen, digital signage solutions needed to display menus to influence purchase decisions and promote club sponsors and events. Additionally, SV Kampong has many referee meetings and they wanted a fast and easy way for referees to streamline meetings and keep presentations simple. Multiple, messy cables would not suffice.


SV Kampong needed Signage Solutions which could streamline meetings with referees for the club and provide visual menus and venue announcements for visitors. BenQ’s exclusive X-Sign Content Management software provides the team at SV Kampong Sports Club with 140 customizable templates that can easily be edited and display embedded videos and images in crystal clear 4K2K UHD. System administrators can use X-Sign to distribute assets easily across multiple displays both local and remote. In addition, content can be assigned to display in specific sequences and even specific times

In addition to smart signage, the BenQ Super Narrow Bezel PH550 display provide more visual real estate for SV Kampong to create a video wall. With its narrow bezels, the PH550 allows for up to 10x10 displays to connect and form a singular image with virtually no breaks in its presentation. Moreover, its Color Calibration automatically adjusts each display’s color profile to ensure the picture is displayed perfectly. InstaShow® plug and play provides a painless presentation solution that requires no software or drivers setup. Up to 16 presenters can take control with a press of a button, making meetings among referees even easier.


For the SV Kampong Sports Club, the initial plan was to install a single digital sign. However, after speaking with MENUDigitaal, plans were changed, 24 signage products were ordered, and the blueprints of the new hockey club were altered to incorporate the new displays for maximum effect. The team at SV Kampong reported back that they loved the BenQ Digital Signage Solutions as the displays offered them a platform to highlight club sponsors which helped with their investment tracking. The positive experience inspired the club to add BenQ solutions to both their squash and tennis sections in the near future.