Huddle Rooms: Why Are They Good and How Can You Set One Up in Your Company?

  • BenQ
  • 2020-03-23

Forward-looking companies need to completely overhaul their working environment and make them more collaborative. To do so, companies orientate themselves around the changes happening in the job market: The digital transformation is continuing apace and younger generations are starting out in their careers. These people value workplaces where there is a good culture of teamwork, among other things. “Huddle spaces” are a great tool for improving collaboration. This article provides you with information about their benefits and how to go about setting them up. 

How will your business benefit from huddle rooms?

And what exactly are huddle rooms anyway? Unlike traditional meeting rooms, huddle rooms are areas designed for spontaneous discussions. These areas a generally smaller sized rooms or quieter, secluded areas of the office intended for informal meetings, conferencing with remote workers and for daily stand-up meetings. They are also used when teams want to quickly get together for a brainstorming session or update each other on their work. However, huddle rooms are more than just simple spaces to hold meetings.

Young people who are just starting out in the world of work prefer flexible and collaborative working environments. It is exactly this kind of environment that is made possible with huddle rooms. They are not generally booked in advance as they are specifically intended for short ad-hoc meetings. The best thing about huddle rooms is that workers can use them are a workspace away from their normal desk. Furthermore, you can finally make full use of the space in your building - and at minimal expense. You certainly have some areas within the office that are not currently being used. Huddle spaces are easy to integrate and cost less to fit out than a regular meeting room. Huddle rooms are therefore the perfect way to turn chaotic and unused spaces into productive environments. 

Things to consider when creating huddle rooms

If you are considering creating a huddle space, there are two things you need to think about: the actual space that is available and technology. The area should be uncomplicated, but not too small. It should have a table and enough seating for at least 4 people, as well as be easy to get to. Since huddle rooms are primarily used for spontaneous meetings, the technology needs to be appropriately user-friendly. Time-consuming troubleshooting, setting up equipment, or messing around with cables are certainly not desirable things for such ad-hoc meetings.

It is essential that your huddle space has a screen or projector, a computer or other device, as well as a wireless HDMI presentation system. BenQ InstaShow® is a wireless solution that is uncomplicated and allows meetings to be held in a relaxing and stress-free atmosphere. InstaShow® lets you wirelessly present your content on a screen or projector and is perfect for small ad-hoc meetings as it allows up to 16 people to easily share content with each other. 


You can easily and affordably turn unused areas in your office into huddle spaces andspontaneously hold quick and informal meetings. Thanks to this flexibility, you will notice a distinct improvement in collaboration. When setting up huddle rooms, user-friendly solutions such as the InstaShow® wireless HDMI presentation system are of key importance.