In Person or Cloud? Hybrid Meetings Offer New Solutions - Tips for preparing a smooth hybrid meeting

  • BenQ
  • 2020-09-24

New technologies and paths to productivity offer ways to overcome the challenges businesses face due to the global situation with regards to the pandemic. One of the main ways to adapt are hybrid meetings that combine in person and cloud (or virtual) participation.

Hybrid meetings promote safer workplaces and make sure productivity is not just maintained, but improved.

We’ll take a look at how that’s achieved.

business travel alternative is remote meetings
High Speed Connectivity

One of the biggest things about hybrid meetings is the emphasis on video conferencing and visual content. They’re more efficient because visuals get to the point quicker and lend every session a livelier, more direct feel. With visuals replacing lengthy charts and documents, meetings can be shorter and thus more efficient in terms of team member time.

But without good internet connectivity, you can’t have a hybrid meeting. Video buffering, lag, sound that cuts in and out – all cause frustration and ruin the session for everyone. So make sure your internet is up to the task!

Bigger Screens are Better

Eye fatigue saps productivity fast. It’s tempting to work on your laptop, but we strongly suggest you invest in a smart wireless projector for wall-sized viewing.

"Smart projectors do wonders for motivation, especially for someone who relies heavily on video conferencing to get work done."

With meeting slides shown on bigger screens, they’re a lot healthier than working with eye-straining displays.

business travel alternative is remote meetings
Head in the Cloud Storage

Don’t have a Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive account? Get one set up. Even the paid, premium versions are very affordable, and these days keeping files safe and easily-accessible/shareable mandates having cloud storage. You will never look at USB sticks the same again, which is unsurprising anyway in an era when you and your coworkers don't share physical space as often as before. 

Self-Reliance Leads the Way

With smart wireless projectors and simple webcams, pretty much any part of the office becomes a video conference-capable meeting room in seconds with no special setup or expenditure.

The biggest reason we recommend a Wi-Fi-capable projector is access to online services. In addition to updates to firmware and apps if and when needed, Wi-Fi is the prime requirement for making a projector smart. It allows your teams access to cloud storage accounts and shared content deposits.

"Team members can log in to cloud accounts directly from the projector, and do not need to use their smartphones or tablets, let alone cumbersome laptops."

In that regard, a smart wireless projector goes beyond just PC-less into the more advanced realm of device-less, with only the projector required for a diversity of meetings.

Get What it Takes

At the core of a good hybrid meeting is the right presentation system. This pillar of bringing people together delivers great video and audio, so those participating virtually feel like they’re effectively in the room. No grainy image quality or tinny sound to break the mood.

For best performance we again recommend investing in a smart wireless projector for work, which offers SMBs a high degree of future proofing and superb return on investment.

We hope your business adapts quickly and successfully to the altered landscape of 2021, and that your team remains safe, happy, and productive. Stay tuned for more info on hybrid meetings and how they can help you.

How Smart Projectors Reinvent Meetings?

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