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Security management for BYOD and Wireless Presentations

  • BenQ
  • 2020-03-23

The modern workplace opens the door to a whole new range of possibilities. For employees who regular go on business trips, being able to use their own personal device is extremely practical. They can access and edit notes, documents, etc. from anywhere. Results can also be flexibly presented from their personal device using wireless presentation systems. The catch: Unless the right precautions are taken, there will be significant security risks.

BYOD as a key trend in the modern workplace

The use of a personal mobile device for work purposes is growing. This rising trend is known as “bring your own device”, BYOD for short, and brings about drastic changes to our workplaces. It is staff members who get the most benefit from the BYOD trend. They can choose the device that they feel most comfortable using - thus allowing them to be more mobile and productive. This is very much a win-win situation for everyone. But what about security?

Data leaks are a serious concern for BYOD

Many companies have reservations about introducing BYOD. As they are unable to manage employees’ personal devices, they are concerned about data leaks and data loss. Such security holes can quickly get out of control. Leaks of company secrets, intellectual property, or confidential customer information will damage the reputation of a company, considerably in some cases. But BYOD doesn’t need to be this complex or daunting - the main thing is to put in place a clear BYOD policy. This may include things such as network and access control systems. IT security policies should be expanded to include mobile devices that usually connect using Bluetooth or WiFi.

BYOD and wireless presentations in meeting rooms

As someone who is always up-to-date with current trends, you maybe interested in a wireless presentation system. Wireless HDMI presentation systems that enable the use of BYOD in meeting rooms are becoming increasingly popular. This is because they make it quick and easy to share content via a wireless HDMI connection using a personal laptop. These systems are especially practical when holding a large conference with many speakers. Thanks to the use of plug-and-play technology, it is easy to set up - no additional software or drivers need to be installed. Just one press of a button is all that is needed to start the presentation!

In order to ensure your data stays safe, you should choose a purely hardware-based wireless presentation system. This is because wireless HDMI presentation systems such as the BenQ InstaShow™ are 100% secure: Encrypted data is sent exclusively from the transmitter to the receiver. Visitors also benefit from this solution as they don’t need to spend time and effort installing any software before being able to give their presentation. Furthermore, a connection to the company network is not required, minimizing the risk of an attack.


Before implementing BYOD, you should carefully consider the security aspects of doing so. Putting in place a clear BYOD policy is always worthwhile. In order to use BYOD in meeting rooms, you might also consider the use of a wireless HDMI presentation system. Wireless presentation systems are a fast and simple way to implement screen mirroring to present content in meetings. As an entirely hardware-based solution, InstaShow™ is a plug-and-play solution for exactly this purpose.