What Is the Best Wireless Presentation System for the Banking and Finance Meeting Rooms?

  • BenQ
  • 2022-07-30

According to a major survey by Carbon Black, 67% of financial institutions reported an increase in cyberattacks back in 2018, with an upwards trend noted in the years since. Cyberattacks are 300 times as likely to hit financial institutions when compared to companies in other industries, for obvious reasons. Finance as an industry offers tantalising rewards to cybercriminals. Malware, phishing, and ransomware are the most popular types of cyberattacks. Malware is typically delivered over a network and infects or explores networks to steal information or conduct virtually any behaviours an attacker wants.


For financial institutions and technology companies with a massive data-driven emphasis at the core of their business, securing sensitive information and running operations efficiently is essential, even more so than for businesses in other segments of the economy. During the pandemic, the role of banking and finance professionals was shown as critical as ever to keep our economy running effectively. To adapt to new lending programs, regulations, and urgent loan issues, financial professionals need effective tools to collaborate. But in an era of social distancing, how do you accomplish this with a traditional cabled set-up designed for local use by people who are exclusively in the same room? Here come wireless presentation systems to save the day.



A conference room with BenQ InstaShow wireless presentation system on the table




Wireless Presentation Systems

Current wireless presentation systems can be divided into three categories. They are known as button-based solutions, Wi-Fi network hub solutions, and TV-based wireless transmitters. But which wireless presentation system is best suited for banking and financial institutions? Making sure data is transferred in a highly secure fashion and with utmost ease, button-based solutions like BenQ InstaShow® provide an excellent platform. Here are the five major features that make InstaShow® suited for banking and financial institutions. 

Feature #1 – Industry-leading security standards keep data safe

Hackers love devices that enable them to gain access to a company network, where they can use their software to break through VLANs and other firewalls used to protect confidential information. An unsecured network most often refers to a free Wi-Fi (wireless) network. Some screen mirroring and wireless presentation solutions are built around the corporate network transmitting data from a user’s device over the Wi-Fi network to a receiver attached to a display. This includes systems from Mersive Solstice, Airtame, and Barco Clickshare. 



Compared to other wireless presentation systems, InstaShow® is an installation-free device that doesn’t require any software to operate its button connector. InstaShow® also works and operates independently from private networks such as company Wi-Fi, so it’s effectively invisible to intruders. That truly minimises the corporate network attack vulnerability profile. The InstaShow® WDC30 passes higher than industry-standard CC EAL6+ certification, keeping your presentations ultra-safe and secure.

Feature #2 – Bullet-proof content encryption

Bankers and financial professionals deal with highly sensitive personal and corporate information, and its unauthorised sharing can be catastrophic if it’s leaked or copied. Whether it’s a high-ranking executive social security number or the expected pricing range of an upcoming IPO, virtually every presentation needs extra-strong protection. Look for a wireless presentation system that encrypts using enterprise-grade WPA, AES 128-bit authorisation for every transmission automatically, and where this encryption cannot be turned off. The best ones are certified by third-party security companies.



Feature #3 – Plug & play, one-click button

Financial analysts or professionals work in a fast-paced environment. Creating dashboards, spreadsheet analyses, and presentations is part of the daily routine. InstaShow®’s split-screen function helps compare data in charts and spreadsheets more efficiently. Meanwhile, the product is designed for intuitive, hassle-free use. All you need to start sharing and projecting is one click of the button adapter. 

Recommended Product

Enterprise-level Highly Secured Wireless Presentation System - BenQ InstaShow® WDC30

Feature #4 – Multi-device compatibility for easy collaboration

InstaShow® can be connected to any source device based on Windows®, OSX, and Linux. InstaShow® WDC20 and WDC30 additionally support iOS AirPlay* and Android™, the latter through the InstaShare app. You can easily use your devices to share your work and make meetings much smoother and more productive.

* is a trademark of Apple Inc.

Feature #5 – Silky smooth videos and blazing speeds

The financial industry is all about funding people’s dreams, whether it is a new corporate office building or the business plan for a Dragon’s Den start-up. The best way for people to share their dreams with a future financial partner is through videos. While older wireless presentation systems struggle to get 30 frames per second, the best ones can easily display smooth 4K 60Hz video wirelessly with no buffering or any other issues. This enables you and your team to easily visualise your clients’ dreams. Additionally, InstaShow® WDC30 offers up to Wi-Fi 6 support to speed up connectivity and increase meeting productivity.


InstaShow® is lauded for its commitment to information security with full ISO27001 accreditation, and the InstaShow® WDC30 model has received Common Criteria EAL6 certification - as mentioned above - for protection against commonly known threats, as well as emerging ones. All of this helps ensure that your presentations stay private and in the room, so to speak.