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Workplace Transformation Helps Welcome Your Employees Back to Office

  • BenQ
  • 2021-05-31

It’s time for workplace transformation

With the end of COVID-19 related restrictions in sight, now is the time for top management to take a serious look into the future and set the course for the coming years. One of the main topics to handle is where your employees will be spending most of their time working: at the office or a hybrid home / office solution. Where in the past many traditional companies struggled with the idea of having their staff work from home, last year has shown this actually being a viable solution. 
Studies are showing an expectation that work from home is here to stay as the advantages are coming to light now, the main one being that the need for office space, and thus high monthly rental costs, decreases sharply. This choice will also reflect on the particular office equipment that is needed and right now is the perfect time to put it all into place.  
Both approaches come with a certain set of requirements, which we will go deeper into in the next paragraphs. 
benq corporate solutions for hybrid work
Back to office life
It may be hard to remember, but there was a time where we spent 40 hours a week in the office. A study found that in 2018 we averagely spent 37% of that time in the meeting room and we often encountered issues during the set-up. It’s therefore key to install equipment that is as easy to use and maintain as possible, to bring downtime to an absolute minimum.

A display device in the meeting room is an absolute necessity to share a presentation or show the latest sales figures. There are several options to consider, depending on the particular needs as touchscreens, digital signage and projectors all bring their own unique benefits to the table. Digital Signage is a great solution to one-way display all the required information instantly, some of them can even do this without the need of an external device, while Interactive Flat Panels are the right choice when interactivity is key. To warrant employee health, BenQ IFP is outfitted with features such as germ-resistant coating and Eye-Care so you know they are in safe hands.

Another excellent option is the Smart Projector, which can create a larger image while simultaneously being able to wirelessly connect to personal devices, ideal for the BYOD culture. To limit the amount of touches and cable hassle, the BenQ InstaShow® is always a safe bet. Simply plug it in, press the button and your meeting can start immediately.  
An additional essential way to strengthen efficiency and get more work done, while benefiting employees' health, is to have the right monitors for the office. Screens that can improve productivity and reduce stress at the same time. Then the BL business monitor is the perfect choice. Not only it is equipped with an USB Type C cable that can be used to project and charge the PC at the same time; it also has the Eye-Care protection, certified by the TÜV Rheinland, which is BenQ’s technology that shields the human eyes. 
video conferencing with benq displays
Embracing hybrid: video conferencing all the way
If you are heading into the hybrid direction instead, the requirements change drastically. One of the major needs will be tools that enable video conferencing while also having the infrastructure in place to operate everything safely and securely. With that in mind, it’s time to look at the hardware to complete the picture as some come with built-in video conferencing capabilities while others require additional devices to set this up.
For direct collaboration with your colleagues, no matter where they are located, you cannot go wrong with the Microsoft Azure Certified BenQ DuoBoard. It’s made with video conferencing in mind as it features a built-in video camera, microphone array and speakers while having TeamViewer Meeting pre-installed. Add BenQ’s exclusive EZWrite 5 with Cloud Whiteboard features to the mix and you have nearly everything you would need tackled with just one purchase.
If interactivity is not a requirement for your company, a good consideration would be the CS series Digital Signage which also features EZWrite’s Cloud Whiteboard functions as well as InstaShare 2, allowing up to 9 devices to wirelessly cast to the display. Combine this with a 4K conference camera and your team will be cooperating in no-time as if they were in the same room. 
To help you get started we put together an article with a handy checklist covering everything you need to make hybrid working a success. Another useful step is to check our guide on how to pick the collaborative tools that resonate well with your company. For further tips to increase the efficiency of a meeting please read our 3 tips to boost your meeting efficiency that should provide great insights. 
No matter the choice you make, using the right equipment will always make a big difference. Would you like to know what else BenQ could mean for your company? We are a one-stop shop for customers who are seeking solutions for hybrid meetings and more smart tools to facilitate collaboration. Contact our expert to find out how we can help you!