How to Use Apple AirPlay Screen Mirroring on a Wireless Projector for Work?

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  • 2020-11-05
works with Apple Airplay

While many projector manufacturers claim that their devices support Apple AirPlay, they neglect to mention that you need to set up a dedicated app to carry out screen mirroring. This entails downloading the app from the manufacturer, and often creating an account, choosing yet another password, logging in, and so on. So it’s not a direct way to use AirPlay, and serves to make life more complicated for your team members. 


Conversely, with BenQ smart wireless projectors like the EH600, Apple AirPlay works directly with no app or install needed. Direct access simplifies matters and saves your team time and frustration, plus with no cumbersome log in procedure there’s less delay and no risk of getting accidentally locked out of AirPlay.



AirPlay on Smart Projectors: Get Your Content Flying

We’ve previously looked at Google Cast on BenQ projectors, but for dedicated Apple users, and there are many of them in every company obviously, the preferred option is AirPlay. The feature proves a valuable aid in work, business, and productivity. The intuitive user interface and simple access make AirPlay a particular favorite, with passionate support from users. Professionals want to incorporate smart projectors into meetings and presentations, but worry that AirPlay won’t be compatible with projectors or may require complex setup. BenQ resolves these concerns with direct AirPlay access that doesn’t necessitate any install or setup. 


E600 works with Apple Airplay

Thanks to AirPlay’s much-appreciated user interface, sharing content becomes easy and fast. AirPlay works together with AirDrop to quickly move documents, photos, links, and other types of content across Apple devices and from Apple platforms to compatible third party devices, like BenQ smart wireless projectors.

Normally associated with laptops, smart TVs, and tablets, there’s no reason AirPlay can’t work on office projectors, as demonstrated by BenQ. 

From the Home to Your Office

Direct, app-less AirPlay support on home or consumer projectors has become quite normative, but remains very rare on projectors aimed at business and organizational use. BenQ strives to change that with projectors that offer direct AirPlay compatibility and hassle-free usage. 


Multi-role projectors that work with Google Cast and Apple AirPlay provide superb utility and value to small and medium-sized businesses that want to carefully manage expenditures. Combined with proven reliability, ease of use, and long product lifespans, smart wireless projectors with seamless AirPlay support present a wise investment that further makes life easier for your employees. 



All you need to do before bringing the AirPlay home experience to work is checking a short user guide.  Even that’s optional, but what you should make sure of is that your Wi-Fi network covers any AirPlay-associated devices and the smart wireless projector. That’s because  every smart device you want to connect via AirPlay to a BenQ Smart projector needs to access the same Wi-Fi network. If your company presentation is sensitive due to security concerns, please read more here: what are the three best practices to secure wireless HDMI screen mirroring?

Maintaining Apple User Expectations

Let’s be frank. Apple users are a little spoiled, having become accustomed to the Apple design language, eco-system, and interface conventions. While projector manufacturers can choose to create apps or firmware updates that add AirPlay functionality, this is never as smooth as built-in, app-free support. And it creates annoyance and frustration among Apple users, who expect a very smooth experience.

EPSON works with Apple Airplay

Take EPSON wireless projectors as an example.  They require an app download to an iPhone, iPad, or MacBook. Team members then need to use the EPSON app to find the EPSON projector on the office Wi-Fi network


By comparison, the EH600 from BenQ skips the app install entirely with native AirPlay support from the factory, and sticks to sheer simplicity. All you and your team members need to do is go into AirPlay on your Apple device of choice, and the BenQ EH600 shows up right away in the list of devices available for screen mirroring. 


Again, to be clear: the BenQ EH600 is a truly AirPlay-enabled office projector. This is literally all you have to do if you’re on an iPhone or iPad: 

BenQ EH600 works with Airplay


And from a MacBook:

BenQ EH600 works with Airplay

Familiar, simple, uncluttered, and straight to the point. Your team members don’t need to fuss around with busy user interfaces as is the case with other projector manufacturers.

Would you like to demo an AirPlay-enabled smart wireless projector from your own Apple device? Let us know to schedule a demonstration.

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