Guide to Using Your Smart Wireless Projector for Work: Why Wireless Projectors and Chromecast Technology Pair So Well?

  • BenQ
  • 2021-04-06

Google Cast for Work reduce cable clutters

Just a quick note before we start. This article is for Windows PC users. If you prefer Apple platforms, take a look at this article here.

Cut Cords and Cables at the Office

Before wireless presentations, one of the biggest hurdles to productive idea sharing were the nightmarish logistics involved with the numerous cables a meeting involves. But now, we’re all accustomed to streaming entertainment to TVs in our living rooms. To do that, we either use an external platform like Apple TV and Chromecast to pair the TV to a smart device, or simply purchase a smart TV with everything built-in. So why not do the same with projectors in the meeting room? From a hardware point of view, wireless projectors make a lot of sense in office environments. No wires running all over the place and gathering dust, and just a power cable to keep the show going. 

Pair Wireless Projectors and Google Cast

It is probably difficult to recall when was the last time you used your computer without a browser.  Beyond internet search, we send links in email or chat. A browser is possibly the most important tool on our devices. And Google Chrome remains the most popular browser in the world.


In terms of the functionality we mentioned, a wireless projector that’s also smart obviously supports the apps your teams need to accomplish their goals. The BenQ EH600 arrives with Chromecast protocols built-in. That means it supports Google Cast natively, as part of the ever-popular Chrome browser. With Google Cast, the EH600 receives any type of content from Chrome running on your laptop browser.


If your company presentation is sensitive due to security concerns, please read more here: what are the three best practices to secure wireless HDMI screen mirroring?

Chromecast vs. Miracast?

Chromecast technology is especially handy because it uses a tab-based system. While other casting protocols mirror entire devices, with Google Cast you can choose to cast specific Chrome tabs. By doing so, the EH600 with Google Cast built-in does more than just remove the need for HDMI and Ethernet cables. Tab-based mirroring lets you only share the tab itself and not system-wide elements like notifications and apps running alongside Chrome.




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