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How To Connect With GS2 Portable Projector


Versatile outdoor entertainment by one projector. GS2 satisfies your outdoor fun by simply designed for totally wire-free fun, GS2 instantly streams movies, videos, music and more with the latest WiFi, Bluetooth, HDMI, and USB-C connectivity.

1.Basic introduction and how to setup

Introduction & Setup Wizard

2.Under WiFi do wireless projection by GS2

Wi-Fi Setting

Wireless Projection for iOS & macOS®

Wireless Projection for PC

Wireless Projection for Android™

3.GS2 as hotspot to connect with your devices do wireless projection

Wi-Fi Hotspot to GS2 (iPhone)

4.How to enjoy the streaming videos from Aptoide TV market?

Install the apps from Aptoide TV app market

5.Connect your devices with GS2 via HDMI, USB-C, USB drive?

Wired Connections

6.How to share audio with Bluetooth speaker & Bluetooth speaker mode?

Bluetooth Connections

7.How to set up Parental Control? How to install the BenQ Smart Control App? And how to do OTA update?

Parental Control Setting

BenQ Smart Control App

O-T-A System Update

Wireless Portable LED Projector for Outdoor Family Entertainment | GS2

• Splash-proof and drop-proof designed for outdoor environment

• Wireless cast, HDMI, USB Type-C, USB for multi-connectivity

• Bluetooth speaker & Built-in Aptoide TV Apps

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