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Insidetech reviews Trevolo S and Trevolo 2

In depth review about Trevolo S and Trevolo 2


BenQ treVolo S and treVolo 2 Electrostatic Bluetooth Speakers review by InsideTech.

After BenQ pioneered the world's first electrostatic bluetooth speaker, the treVolo, we now check out the new treVolo S and treVolo 2 - the world's smallest electrostatic bluetooth speakers.
The content of this video is about the features, the differences between the two models and whether or not having electrostatic bluetooth speakers is really worth the money.

These are some of the statements about BenQ TreVolo Electrostatic speaker in the review:

"The design and build quality of these speakers really is fantastic - you simply don't see this level of craftsmanship in bluetooth speakers".

"The treVolo speakers' mid-ranges are beautifully crisp and the clear vocals particularly shine".

"Thanks to the electrostatic panels, the clean and expressive highs make for a wonderfully detailed and pleasant listening experience".

"Typically, conventional bluetooth speakers have overemphasised bass and tend to drop off at the higher frequencies. The treVolo speakers are definitely much more balanced and have a higher clarity sound presentation".

"The treVolo S's 3D mode gives a more obvious lift to the audio as a whole, in a way that a typical speaker's 'bass boost' mode simply can't do".

"BenQ clearly have a great understanding of acoustics and the electrostatic technology, and this is reflected in the engineering of the treVolo speakers".

"The clarity in the mids, and particularly the highs, is fantastic - perhaps the best of any bluetooth speaker of this size".

"In terms of treble, the treVolo S and treVolo 2 might be the best sounding bluetooth speakers out there".

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