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BenQ International Sculptural Camp Kicks Off to a Good Start

BenQ International Sculptural Camp Kicks Off to a Good Start


20 artists, united by BenQ, met in Taiwan to make on-spot creation.

Europe, November 1, 2011 – Organized by BenQ Foundation, 2011 “BenQ International Sculptural Workshop” was inaugurated on November 1 at Mabuville of Hsinchu County’s Beipu township. The event, which will last one month until Nov. 30, has attracted the participation of 20 international artists from 11 countries, who will carve out touching pieces blending beauty and power.

K.Y. Lee, chairman of BenQ Group, remarked that “This is the second year for ‘BenQ International Sculptural Workshop’ organized by the BenQ Foundation. The group is honored to have the opportunity of contributing to promotion of original culture. Via the camp, we intend to build up a cross-culture and cross-field platform of exchanges, paving the way for the exercise of multiple creations from countries around the world. We also hope to trigger more creative sparks via the exchange and discussion between international artists and Taiwan’s humanistic and cultural circle, so as to bring the beautiful Taiwanese experience and image to friends in the international artistic field.”

The 20 artists attending 2011 “BenQ International Sculptural Workshop” hail from 11 countries, including Taiwan, France, Germany, Holland, Mexico, Italy, Romania, Columbia, Bulgaria, Mainland China, and Japan. During the one-month period, they will make on-spot creation. Via creative creation, they will blend the ingredients of their original culture and Taiwanese elements, producing sculptural works in stone, wood, copper, or other materials with unique styles. The sculptors will come to understand the natural and humanistic beauty of Taiwan and share their Taiwan experience and image with international friends, so that more people can get acquainted with Taiwanese culture and environment.

The organizer will invite art-related schools and departments, as well as local communal groups, to visit the camp and hold a series of seminars on international sculpture.