BenQ European Cup Regulation
  1. There will be four professional FIFA teams to join the BenQ European Cup 2020 July:  AZ Alkmaar (The Netherlands), SV Werder Bremen (Germany) and LDLC Olympique Lyonnais (FR).
  2. All the teams will play with EA FIFA 2020 as the competition game title.
  3. All the matches will be using 6 minutes standard setting with random weather.
  4. Each team will get a chance to play a home match and switch to away side in the second sub-match.
    The arrangements are as below
  5. No Ultimate squad allowed, only from team profile from EA FIFA 2020 database.
  6. Players only play on PlayStation 4 platform can participate, Xbox and PC players cannot participate. 
  7. There is only one winner over the two legs per match. The winner of the two sub matches, and only the winner, will be awarded 3 points.
  8. If there is a tie at the end of the rounds, with the same amount of points per each team, the placing will be decided on goal difference.
  9. If two teams are still tied, with points and goal difference being the same, the winner will be whoever won the group match between the two teams.

11th July


8:00pm (CEST) AZ Alkmaar (A1) vs LDLC OL (A2): 


Sub-match 1: : AZ Alkmaar (Home) vs LDLC OL (Away) 8:00 (CEST)

5min break

Sub-Match 2: France (Home) vs The Netherlands (Away) 8:30 (CEST)


9:00PM (CET) AZ Alkmaar (A1) vs SV Werder Bremen (A3)


Sub-match 1: AZ Alkmaar (Home) vs SV Werder Bremen (Away) 9:00 (CEST)

5min break

Sub-match 2: Germany (Home) vs The Netherlands (Away) 9:30 (CEST)


10:00 PM (CET) LDLC OL (A2) vs SV Werder Bremen (A3)


Sub-match 1: LDLC OL (Home) vs SV Werder Bremen (Away) 10:00 (CEST)

5min break

Sub-match 2: Germany (Home) vs France (Away) 10:30 (CETS)

Potential scenarios: 


  1. The away score counts as advantage, comparable with real life European football matches. For example, LDLC OL wins 2-1 AZ Alkmaar at home and lose 0-1 at away in national match, total score 2-2, AZ wins!
  2. If the total score is tied at the end of second match, for example, LDLC OL wins 2-1 at home, and lose 1-2 in national match, total score 3-3, both of them has 1 away score only, the second match (national battle) goes into the extra time.
  3. In the extra time, if the away team scores, and finishes in a tie again this will count as an away score, for example, if LDLC OL and AZ ends with 1-1 in extra time, the away team wins. The other rules remain the same.
  4. If in the extra time the score is still tied, then will be moved on to the penalty series,  the team who wind the panalty series gets 3 points.



The winner awards and condition:

1st place wins 3x BenQ GL2780 for their fans

2nd place wins 2x BenQ GL2480 for their fans

3rd place wins 1x BenQ GL2780 for their fans

BenQ monitor winner Selection conditions:


  1. Subscriber of both BenQ Europe Twitter/Instagram and Team Twitter/Instagram.
  2. Bet the final result correctly, (please follow team's instruction acoordingly), the fans need to leave the comment under the TEAM's social media, bet under BenQ’s social media doesn’t count.
  3. The team will draw randomly and select the winners from their social media posts.
  4. A maximum of 1 monitor can be won per person.
  5. The final explanation rights of winner selection are reserved at BenQ Europe and participant FIFA teams