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“The Hunting for MOBIUZ Squad” season 3

Org Name - BenQ

Tournament name(s) - The Hunting for MOBIUZ Squad #1, The Hunting for MOBIUZ Squad #2



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The link to your Organization Page is BenQ esports tournaments | Battlefy   


September 4th -  


September 11th -  


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Welcome to The Hunting for MOBIUZ Squad S3 presented by BenQ! This exciting Warzone tournament will put your skills to the test! Grab your best squad mate and compete for great prizes!

Watch out as there will be a few teams made up of MOBIUZ Ambassadors so make sure you bring your a-game in case you get matched up against them!

Good luck and have fun!




Tournament Eligibility

  • Players must be playing from Europe.

  • Match check-in is enabled for this tournament. Each time a participant is paired against an opponent on the Battlefy platform, each player must check-in to the match using the Battlefy interface within 5 minutes of the match starting. Players who fail to check in for their match more than once may be disqualified at the discretion of the tournament administration team.



  • Streaming for this tournament is not prohibited.

  • Players and/or Casters are not required but are suggested to have a delay on their stream.

  • Replay files are required to be kept for a minimum of 2 days after the event.



  • Tournament Settings

    • Bracket Type: Ladder

    • Match Type: Cumulative Scoring over the number of games played in each series - The player with the most total kills, in the series, wins the Match

    • Best of 3

    • No Show Time: 5 Minutes

    • Format: 2v2

    • Platforms: PC, PlayStation, Xbox

  • Game Settings

    • Mode: Quads

  • Ladder Stage:

  • All players who register for the ladder will be eligible to queue for a match at any time during the four (4) hour open play period

  • A minimum number of five (3) matches (“Minimum Match Threshold”) must be played by a player for their leaderboard entry to be valid. 

  • Players with a minimum of three (3) matches played will be placed higher on the leaderboard than those with less than three (3) matches played even if those that played fewer matches have a higher win-loss deferential

  • For players that play under three (3) matches, players that have played more matches will be placed higher on the leaderboard than those that have played fewer matches even if those that played fewer matches have a higher win-loss differential

  • Matchmaking in the ladder will preferentially select players with similar scores in the current play period

  • Leaderboard placement is based on win-loss differential, where one match win equates to +1 points and one match loss equates to -1 points

  • Ties on the leaderboard will be broken in the following way:

    • If the win-loss differential is tied, the player with the most matches played will receive the higher ranking on the leaderboard

    • If the players have the same amount of matches played, the player with the highest amount of game wins will receive the higher ranking on the leaderboard

    • If the players have the same amount of game wins, the player with the lowest amount of game losses will receive the higher ranking on the leaderboard

    • If there are two teams that have the same amount of game losses, Battlefy will moderate a single game between those two teams and the winner of the game will be placed higher on the leaderboard. If there are more than two teams that have the same amount of game losses, Battlefy will moderate a round-robin to determine placement on the leaderboard.




  • How to Play

    • The player listed on the left, will host the first game

    • The player listed on the right, will host the second game

      • If a third game must be played, players will use the /coin flip command in Battlefy match chat and the winner will host

    • The hosting player will then friend request and invite their opponent to the game session and begin their match.

    • Hosting players are required to know how to friend request opponents in the case of cross play connections (PlayStation vs Xbox vs PC)

    • Players will play 2 games against each other and track the number of kills for each player

    • The player with the most total combined kills after 2 games will be awarded the win.

      • If there is a tie in total kills after 2 games, another game will be played

        • If both players tie in the tie breaker game, the player that survived longer wins.

    • Players must take screenshots after all players are dead and the game shows which place your team finished. All player kills can be seen by pressing Escape. This means you must stay in the game until your opponent dies in order to get the screenshot with total kills.

  • All players must be in Push-to-talk mode for in-game communications. Players should only communicate in-game voice for the following reasons:

    • To communicate a disconnect during the lobby or prior to landing.

    • To communicate a voluntary and already reported forfeit (score should be recorded on Battlefy before announcing in game)

    • To give positive good game (GG) statements in the lobby after the game ends.

    • Any other in-game communications not listed can result in that teams forfeiture with proof supplied to the admins in the nature of a video capture (such as shadow play recording or stream.) which should be submitted after the match is finished.

    • Players may also opt to simply mute the opponents AFTER the players have landed.

  • Teaming is allowed. You may decide to travel together and fight together.

  • Your opponent is allowed to travel to the same area you are in, shoot the same enemies and pick up any loot.

  • ALL REPLAY FILES MUST BE SAVED FOR 2 DAYS AFTER THE EVENT. Failure to record or be able to provide replay files at an admins request may result in a decision being made against your team.

  • Disconnections

    • In the event of a player lagging out during the warm up lobby, players must leave the game and start another game session.

    • In the event of a player lagging out at the beginning of a game prior to the players landing then both teams must leave the game and start another game session. Video evidence is required to be provided.

    • If a player disconnects after landing, teams must continue to play and not leave. Disconnected players kills still count for them.

  • Reporting Issues

    1. Contacting a Tournament Administrator: To contact a Tournament Administrator use the Battlefy Match Issue button and report the details in the Match Chat. If a Tournament Administrator doesn’t respond in the match chat within 5 minutes, contact the Administrators on the official tournament discord chat.

    2. No Shows: No Shows must be verified by a Tournament Administrator that the opposing team has not fully arrived within the allotted time.Contact a Tournament Administrator after the No Show Time has elapsed with screenshot proof.

    3. Reporting Scores: Score reporting is not automatic on Battlefy, the winning team is responsible for reporting the scores. The winning team must report the Match results within 5 minutes of its completion. Failure to report the Match results on time may result in a Forfeit.

    4. Screenshots: Each Team must take a Screenshot(s) of each Game’s results in case proof is needed for a dispute. Screenshots should be clearly visible and contain the Game Score, all Players on both Teams, and a time stamp.

    5. Disputes: To dispute Game/Match results, Players/Teams must notify a Tournament Administrator that they would like to dispute the results before a new Game/Match has begun.

    6. Dispute Evidence: If a Screenshot(s) is needed in order to resolve a dispute, it should be linked in the Battlefy Match Private Chat via an image linking site such as imgur. Videos may also be uploaded and linked to a website such as YouTube. The issue must be clearly stated as well as the time in the video in which the issue occurred, and/or what the Tournament Administrators should be looking for in the picture.Players may also send this evidence to Tournament Administrators via the official discord chat through Direct Message (DM).




The players on the winning team will each receive a MOBIUZ EX2710Q, QHD 165Hz model.



Ladder starting: at time shown on details tab

Ladder duration: 4 hours

Participants will play each match as soon as they have an opponent


(time shown on details tab will be in your local time zone if you are logged in to Battlefy and have set your timezone



Please join the support Discord server for pre-tournament help.

On tournament day, be sure to ‘Report Match Issue’ on your match page for any help during the tournament for your specific match. For additional help, please check out our Player Guide!