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BenQ’s T1260 HDR Camera – The 5th Generation Touch Camera

BenQ’s T1260 HDR Camera – The 5th Generation Touch Camera


EUROPE, May 7, 2010 – World-renowned provider of visual display innovation, BenQ, announced the expansion of its digital camera lineup today of with the T1260 HDR (High Dynamic Range) camera. The stunningly embroidered T1260, the 5th generation touch screen digital camera makes the perfect companion for just about any occasion – whether it’s a stylish uptown dinner party or a nice little beach vacation. Featuring a 12 Megapixels sensor; 28mm 4x optical wide angle zoom lens; capability of shooting 720p movies; a bright 3” LCD touch screen; advanced smart scene mode; friendly user interface; G-Sensor application; file management convenience and most important of all, BenQ’s HDR image enhancement technology – the T1260 brings an intelligent touch to the consumers, and keeps things “Lookin’ Great!”.

Even with the perfect background, beautiful scenery, and a perfect subject – the lighting conditions might not get users the result they want, but with BenQ’s unique HDR image enhancement technology, it empowers the camera to overcome lighting challenges by differentiating between the tiniest increments in highly contrasting light levels of an image. Capturing beautiful images in conditions such as the first light of dawn or the dimming sunset will no longer be a problem, just one touch on the T1260, and – a masterpiece.

BenQ’s advanced 3” LCD touch screen digital camera – the DC T1260 – is now even more intuitive to the users touch. Featuring a thoughtfully designed user interface and a remarkably optimized touch screen sensor, this brilliant creation brings a new photography sensation of “tap, circle, swipe”. Along with superior colour saturation and ultra high image resolution, users can be reassured with true-to-life color presentation. The user interface makes it quick and easy to access the camera’s features and settings. With helpful explanatory text matching clear icons, it makes using advanced functions incredibly simple.

The 28mm wide angle lens enables the users to take panoramic shots of scenic landscapes or bustling cityscapes, as well as people – even close-ups. Never fret again when shooting an expansive view of a lake, mountain, building, or big groups. When faced with a situation hard to be captured into a still shot, those precious moments can be made into movies with the T1260’s ability to shoot 720p video. Users can forget about carrying a separate video camera when true-colour high-definition movies are just a touch away.

Photos on the T1260 can be organized using the smart file management feature. Showing and browsing pictures are further made easy as pictures are searchable by date, categories or by built-in favourite categories. Complementing this is the built-in G-Sensor Application, which allows viewing of the photo right-side up regardless of how the camera is held. Furthermore, with a gentle shake, the next photo appears.

The T1260 comes with an upgrade on the advanced smart scene modes compared to its predecessor, automatically detecting up to 12 different scenes: Landscape; Portrait; Backlight; Backlight Portrait; Night Scene; Night Portrait; Macro; Sunset; Text; Foliage; Snow and Still Mode. Other features which are included in the T1260 include: Auto Face Tracking; Blink Detector; Self/Love Portrait; Beauty Enhancer; Smile Catch; Smart Focus; My Drawings; Perspective Control; Radial Blur; 3 Second Prerecording and Super Shake-Free (S.S.F.). Taking the perfect shot with T1260 has never been easier!

BenQ’s T1260 will be available in Europe in May 2010. For more information, please visit and the special T1260 minisite.