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BenQ’s GL2030M LED Monitor – GL means Great Looks, Lookin’ Great!

BenQ’s GL2030M LED Monitor – GL means Great Looks, Lookin’ Great!


Stylish; Mega DCR; Power Saving; Built-in Speakers; 5ms Response Time; Senseye® 3 Technology; Win7 Certified

EUROPE, May 27, 2010 – Internationally-renowned provider of visual display innovation, BenQ, proudly announced the release of its GL2030M (20”W) LED Monitor. With the currently unrivalled 12,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio; 5ms Response Time; and BenQ’s proprietary Senseye® Human Vision Technology, this power-saving LED monitor is made with design in mind – to suit homes, offices, and classrooms. With this new GL monitor, BenQ aims to bring gorgeous looking monitors into everyone’s lives.

The designers at BenQ were not content with perfunctory design, and thus these Lookin’ Great monitors eschew the cold, clinical high-tech aura for a warm, playful, sense of style. Users will be awed by the absence of rigid lines and hard edges, old ideas freshened by gentle contours and lushly curved surfaces. The grace and light touch of the design as a whole are carried over to details like the bubble pattern that appears in the decorative trim below the screen bezel, which is also cleverly used for the ventilation grille on the back plane. The crowning touch on this magnificent design is the deft interplay of glossy and matte finishes on different areas of the monitor. This monitor will not only be chic enough to become the centerpiece of your desk, but also become the visual highlights in the décor of any room as they are made to accentuate the users’ vibrant and creative living spaces.

Lookin’ Great matters, referring to not only the hardware, but the graphics they show – High dynamic videos can be thoroughly enjoyed on this new GL2030M LED monitor without unwanted artifacts and ghosting with a speedy 5 ms response time. BenQ further rewards the users with the enormity of the dynamic contrast ratio (DCR) possessed by this LED monitor, the GL2030M has the highest DCR in the world, a truly prodigious amount of 12,000,000:1, dwarfing products from other makers.

The contrast precision that BenQ provides, perfectly adapts to every individual scene, providing true black, deeper colour and detailed-definition to reveal the imperceptible elements enshrouded in the darkest games or movie scenes.

The new GL2030M features BenQ’s own Senseye® Human Vision Technology – a proprietary image enhancement engine that mimics the human eye – Senseye® enhances the colour, clarity and contrast of video contents and smoothes out quick images through motion optimization to produce fuller, richer and more detailed images.

The GL2030M comes with various connectors: D-Sub; DVI-D; Line-In; Headphone Jack. Furthermore, the GL monitor is equipped with (1 watt x 2) built-in speakers, perfecting the audiovisual enjoyment without the hassle of additional audio devices.

Unlike the CCFL technology used in the LCD monitors, the GL2030M uses energy efficient LED backlighting panels, therefore, in comparison to conventional CCFL monitors, the GL monitor consumes less power (14,3%^); and even less (39.3%^) whilst in Eco mode. This new LED monitor is fully Microsoft® Windows 7 certified, making it fully compatible with Windows 7 color systems. Simply connect the GL2030M to a Windows 7-equipped computer, and the operating system will instantly recognize the monitor, making setup effortless.

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