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Take Your Best Shot with BenQ’s New GH800 The Highest Megapixel 36x Zoom Bridge Camera*

Take Your Best Shot with BenQ’s New GH800 The Highest Megapixel 36x Zoom Bridge Camera*


Eindhoven, The Netherlands, February 4, 2013 – BenQ, an internationally renowned provider of digital lifestyle innovations, announced today the expansion of is product range of professional bridge type digital cameras with the launch of the BenQ GH800, the highest megapixel 36x zoom bridge camera. Designed especially for photography enthusiasts and novices that enjoy capturing their travels and the great outdoors, this advanced optical model is featured packed with a 36x optical high zoom lens, 18 megapixel CMOS sensor and a handful of user-friendly functions for users that wish to shoot like a pro and bring home great photo memories. 

It's never been easier to elevate one's personal photography experience. The GH800 combines a powerful 36x optical zoom with Optical Image Stabilization technology (O.I.S) to deliver the crispest details and the most realistic colors when shooting at longer zoom lengths and a leather-textured ergonomic handgrip to steady your hands, allowing you to enjoy more of your world up close with ease. Simply shoot images through the Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) or by composing them on the spacious 3" Tilt-View Panel that has a full range of motion from 1° to 135°. You’ll also find all the commonly used access and control tools, including 19 scene modes, P/Av/Tv/M modes and nine aperture choices, with a turn of the all-in-one Mode Dial.

Featuring also a high-sensitivity 18M CMOS sensor that offers greater data transmission capacity and image superimposing technology, the GH800 takes every shot with incredible clarity even in low-lighting conditions. It also vivifies your nights with the Handheld Night Shot Mode and captures your every move with the high-speed Continuous Shooting Mode. HDR image enhancement, which is enabled by the CMOS sensor as well, is your best bet to solve high-contrast lighting challenges. The GH800 does more than shooting still images – It can also shoot stunning high-quality 1080p Full HD videos at 30 frames per second with a full zoom, wind-cutting function and stereo sound support.

The powerful BenQ GH800 high megapixel 36x high zoom bridge camera will be available worldwide in December 2012. For further information, please visit

*As of Q4 2012