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BenQ Unveils the W1080ST+ Living Room Projector: The World’s First Home Entertainment Projector Offering Wireless Full HD Transmission, Short-throw and Side Projection Capabilities

BenQ Unveils the W1080ST+ Living Room Projector: The World’s First Home Entertainment Projector Offering Wireless Full HD Transmission, Short-throw and Side Projection Capabilities


Optional Wireless Full HD Kit; Side Projection; Short-throw Technology; 2D Keystone; 1.2x Zoom; Built-in 10W Chamber Speaker; MHL; 3D

EINDHOVEN, THE NETHERLANDS, September 8th, 2014 – Internationally renowned provider of digital lifestyle and global DLP® projector leader with number-one market share position in the 1080p Full HD segment, BenQ announced today the launch of the W1080ST+ living room projector, the world’s first home entertainment projector to offer the most intuitive home entertainment experience with new-generation Full HD wireless transmission capability, side projection, short-throw technology, as well as many beloved projector features like MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) connectivity, 1.2x flexible zoom, built-in 10W chamber speaker power, six-segment RGBRGB color wheel with six times the speed, 2,200 ANSI lumen brightness, BrilliantColorTM, DLP DarkChip3TM, 3D Full HD projection capability and first-timer-friendly user interface. Ideal for quality family time and personal enjoyment, the W1080ST+ is designed to turn any living space into an entertainment hub with delightfully flexible and affordable projector installation and placement. All you need is a projection distance of 1.5 meters for 100” of big-screen fun for console gaming, movies and videos. The W1080ST+ is truly as simple and easy to set up and use as any small appliances you can find in a household.

“The W1080ST+ is many things, a home entertainment projector, a home wireless projector, a short-throw projector, a living room projector, but most importantly it is the versatile projector that families can bring into their homes, place it anywhere they want, and enjoy big-screen Full HD entertainment in any way they like,” said Peter Huang, General Manager of BenQ Technology Product Center. “BenQ is all about bringing enjoyment and quality to life, and with our home projectors, we have made it our number-one priority to make sure they are incredibly easy to enjoy by every family and individual. We’re proud and encouraged to see this commitment reflected by our number-one ranking in the 1080p Full HD projector segment worldwide, with an excelling worldwide market share of 28% and European market share of 35%*, and will continue to take home entertainment to new levels of enjoyment in every home.”

Enjoy Big-Screen Entertainment from One Room to the Next
The W1080ST+ is equipped with BenQ’s new-generation Full HD wireless transmission, short-throw and side projection capabilities to ensure the most flexible home entertainment set-up in any room of your house. No space constraints. No cable troubles. No remodeling. The all-new Wireless Full HD Kit, available as optional purchase, offers a one-time set-up that enables you to sit back and enjoy the big picture with plug-and-play convenience each and every time. It has a wireless coverage of up to 30 meters that is supported by BenQ’s unparalled transmission technology for the smoothest cross-room streaming of uncompressed 1080p Full HD and excellent audio performance. The DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection) anti-interference mechanism further ensures zero interference to your cinematic enjoyment. Together with BenQ’s world-leading short-throw technology to give you a 100” big picture in a mere distance of 1.5 meters and the projection flexibility offered by Side Projection and 2D keystone, the W1080ST+ will fit nicely in any room you intended it for.

Pleasing to Your Eyes and Ears with Incredible Audiovisual Entertainment
The W1080ST+ is a full package of superior visual performance and exceptional audio quality so you can enjoy every bit of your favorite movie, video and game. The built-in 10W resonant chamber speaker is expertly tuned to enhance the projector’s playback quality with deeper base tones for a truly immersive audio experience. There are also four preset sound modes and an equalizer setting available to optimize any music you choose. As for the picture quality of the W1080ST+, the home entertainment projector is built to give you the most captivating visual performance with high 2200 ANSI lumen brightness, a six-segment RGBRGB color wheel with six times the speed, and BrilliantColor™ technology. The high native ANSI contrast ratio is enhanced by DLP DarkChip3TM and DMD technologies to make sure nothing escapes your eyes – even the subtlest details will be revealed in the deepest, truest black with this level of image clarity. Additionally, the W1080ST+ is ISFccc®-certificated to give you the option of hiring the Imaging Science Foundation for its ISFccc calibration service and have the color performance of your projector custom-calibrated to fit your home environment.

Utterly Simple to Set Up and Operate
Anyone can have an easy time setting up big-screen home entertainment with the W1080ST+ when there is a set-up wizard that takes you through the set-up process step by step with ultra-clear visual instructions and a self-explantory user interface design that is stress-free to figure out.

From Mobile to Big-Screen Entertainment
The W1080ST+ is MHL-ready. You can stream digital contents stored in your MHL-equipped smart devices using an MHL cable or a 3rd-party MHL dongle, like Roku, onto the big screen with a simple plug and play. T

*Sourced from FutureSource Q2’2014 data