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BenQ Introduces Full Lineup of Digital Signage for Innovative and Interactive Classrooms

BenQ Introduces Full Lineup of Digital Signage for Innovative and Interactive Classrooms


BenQ Announces Comprehensive Digital Signage Series for Commercial Venues

BenQ, an internationally renowned provider of digital lifestyle innovations and LED monitor expert, proudly announced its full line up of digital signage products, which is comprised of five different product series designed for a wide array of indoor and outdoor public information display and video wall use: P Series super narrow bezel displays, IL Series interactive touch displays, SL Series mainstream displays, SV Series value displays, and Total Series total solution displays. This versatile range of best-of-breed digital signage products are built to offer top-of-the-line quality, long service life and low total cost of ownership (TCO) and support customers achieve effective and efficient visual communication in all business venues, from retailers to hotels, public transportation, corporations and banks. There is a BenQ digital signage product and solution for every customer – whether it’s regular or special signage. Customers are free to customize and create their one-of-a-kind information displays and video walls that fit their communication need, and benefit from the powerful features including:
• Video wall and Super video wall with 5.6mm active-active gap for a virtually seamless, immersive viewing experience that support up to 10x10 seamless display integration in OSD setting with a splitter.
• Daisy chain to deliver high-quality mirrored content to different locations or to build a huge multi-display, single-image video wall without the need for splitters and DisplayPort. Different venues and usages have unique display demands that need to be fulfilled. This is why BenQ continues to expand its digital signage product offerings to ensure all communication can be carried out with the highest effectiveness and efficiency and achieve the best results:
• P Series (PL460/PH460/PH550) Super Narrow Bezel Displays for high-precision color calibration solutions.
• IL Series (IL420/IL460) Interactive Touch Displays for a fail-proof multi-touch interactive experience.
• SL Series (SL460) Mainstream Displays for bringing mobile content to the big screen via wireless streaming and supporting video wall installations with Daisy Chain.
• SV Series (SV500) Value Displays for accessible and affordable digital signage solutions targeted for light display and video wall usage. The SV Series are built with user-friendly features such as USB playback for easy-to-play content.
• Total Series Total Solution Displays features the MDA APP for total, simultaneous management of up to 98 displays through local network or serial port and the X-sign APP to help customize and manage all showcase contents from the latest advertisement to captivating contents.

Moving forward, BenQ will continue to invest the Group’s global networked resources to provide better digital signage products and solutions to bring enjoyment and quality to life everywhere.