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BenQ PV270 Commercial Monitor Achieves Technicolor Color Certified Status

BenQ, a leading innovator of professional displays, proudly announces today that the PV270, a high-end display for advanced cinematic and video post-production, is Technicolor Color Certified.


EINDHOVEN, THE NETHERLANDS, May 20, 2016 – BenQ, a leading innovator of professional displays, proudly announces today that the PV270, a high-end display for advanced cinematic and video post-production, is Technicolor Color Certified.

As the recognized authority on color and image authenticity, Technicolor® is trusted amongst media and entertainment industries around the world from top Hollywood directors to animators and game developers.  Technicolor Color Certified devices are tested and verified during the manufacturing process to meet the same strict standards for color accuracy, matching the same color gamut, white point and gamma standards used throughout Hollywood and other entertainment industries.

“BenQ is a manufacturer of premium monitors used by professionals, with some meeting the strict requirements to be Technicolor Color Certified,” said Manuele Wahl, Senior Vice President of Technology and Trademark Licensing at Technicolor. “With these monitors content creators, videographers, and photographers, for example, can be assured they’re viewing and editing their work in the most accurate color possible.”

For colorists and editors demanding uncompromised color accuracy and high resolution, the PV270 meets those requirements for professional video editing, visual effects, and color correction and management.  Being Technicolor Color Certified, the feature-rich PV270’s color performance is Hollywood-ready.  This monitor’s 27” IPS display boasts QHD (2560 x 1440 pixel) resolution with expansive color spaces covering 100% Rec.709, 96% DCI-P3 and 99% Adobe RGB required in digital cinematic video post-production and photo retouching.  With hardware calibration and a 14-bit 3D LUT, an average Delta E≦1.5 is achieved to deliver extreme color accuracy and reproduction for a high-impact, true-to-source viewing experience.

Several features on the PV270 allow additional convenience and increase work efficiency.  The X-Rite powered Palette Master calibration software assists hardware calibration for conformance to artists’ requirements.  An optional Software Development Kit (SDK) allows studios or calibration software provider to be more involved in customizing color calibration settings.  With 24P support, videos can be viewed with correct timing at their native cinematic frame rates. The built-in backlight sensor quickly stabilizes the monitor’s brightness while the brightness uniformity feature maintains consistent brightness across the viewing surface.  The GamutDuo function allows artists to simultaneously review images on-screen side-by-side from two sources using two different color standards (e.g. Rec.709 and DCI-P3).  With color related production expanding to worldwide collaborative efforts, the PV270’s Color Display Clone software can be used to detect differences in ambient light to automatically adjust the displayed color temperature for consistent color performance across remote offices and environments.

The PV270 represents the pinnacle of color accuracy to produce the best pictures possible with precise color consistency across the entire production workflow.

About Technicolor Color Certified

Technicolor® Color Certified is a designation reserved for devices— PC monitors, laptops, all-in-ones, and tablets —that satisfy the required Technicolor specifications during the device’s manufacturing process to meet the same strict standards for color accuracy used in Hollywood and throughout the media and entertainment industries. All Technicolor Color Certified devices display colors accurately, consistently and exactly as the content originators intended. Anyone can enjoy shopping, entertainment and gaming experiences with full confidence that the color you see onscreen is accurate.

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