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BenQ PhotoVue SW271C Photographer Monitor with 4K/ 99% AdobeRGB/ HLG/ USB-C Power Delivery

Professional monitor for refined photo editing and video editing


Eindhoven, The Netherlands, March 25, 2021 – BenQ, internationally renowned provider of digital lifestyle devices, announced today PhotoVue SW271C photographer monitor, the latest addition 4K monitor for photographers and videographers.


With improved 3rd generation Uniformity Technology, the SW271C is a professional monitor for photographers and videographers alike, delivering exceptional color accuracy with a crisp 4K resolution. Discover extraordinary clarity of fine details and textures, on a 16-bit panel with 99% Adobe RGB, 100% sRGB/Rec.709, and 90% DCI-P3/Display P3 color space coverage.


Designed for photo and video editing, the SW271C is built with AQCOLOR Technology for industry-standard color performance and HDR with 24/25/30P video format support to capture the perfect moment in motion.


“SW271C is perfect for those photographers whose work is ever-evolving and where video editing is becoming prominent, for people who do both photo and video retouching and so require wide color gamuts, and for whom professional color accuracy and color reproduction are critical when buying a monitor.” said Steve Chu, President of BenQ Europe.


Operating from a single USB-C cable for video, audio, data, and power, SW271C is equipped with a height-adjustable stand and a detachable professional shading hood.


BenQ SW271C Photographer Monitor product information:

Key Features:

  • 27-inch display
  • 4K (3840 x 2160) with IPS Technology
  • 99% Adobe RGB color space, 100% sRGB/Rec. 709 and 90% DCI-P3/Display P3
  • 16-bit 3D Look-Up Table (LUT) that improves RGB blending accuracy
  • Delta E ≤ 2 in Adobe RGB and sRGB color space
  • 3rd generation Uniformity Technology
  • Preview the HDR effect during post with HDR10 and HLG formats and video format that support 24P/25P/30P
  • Paper Color Sync Technology
  • The latest USB-C™ port provides high-speed video/audio/data transmission and 60W power delivery with one single cable.
  • Supports world-leading video calibration software CalMAN and LightSpace
  • Pantone and CalMAN validated 

USB-C Port

Shading Hood

Advanced B&W Mode

Gamut Duo Mode

Hotkey Puck G2

Color You Can Trust

The SW271C has greater panel performance than its predecessors as well as 3rd generation color Uniformity Technology, providing photographers and videographers with the ultimate platform for accurate photo and video editing.


The Adobe 99% RGB wide-gamut color space offers a greater range of color reproduction for shades of blue and green, resulting in a more realistic color representation for outdoor and nature photography. Enrich color palettes with 99% Adobe RGB, 90% DCI-P3 color standards and 100% of sRGB/Rec.709.


To improve RGB color blending accuracy, the 16-bit 3D Look Up Table (LUT) offers impeccable color reproduction that creatives can trust. Having Delta E≤2 accuracy in both Adobe RGB and sRGB color spaces gives the truest and most representative view of the original image.


Of course, the SW271C features the unique BenQ AQCOLOR technology, meaning the display presents industry-standard color precisely as it is intended to appear. Led by a color expert, the BenQ team took part in the ICC and ISO to establish color-related standards and implementation guidelines.


Capture Perfect Moments in Motion

The SW271C is perfect for photographers who also create video content or videographers for whom video reproduction is crucial to their work. It supports 24P/25P/30P film content to be displayed at native cadence without pulldown, which can distort playback of the source video.


What’s more, the SW271C supports two HDR formats (HDR10 and HLG), making it a great monitor for video editing and color grading. Videographers can preview the HDR effect of the video content for intelligent brightness and contrast control.


SDI and HDMI devices are compatible with SW271C, meaning videographers can connect their SDI devices to the monitor for a stable and non-compressed signal transmission and real video quality when using AJA or BlackMagic systems.


Smart Software

From capturing the image to retouching to the final print, the SW271C is uniquely equipped to deliver a streamlined, smooth retouching-to-printing process with the Paper Color Sync software.


Eliminating guesswork, the included Paper Color Sync software allows photographers to easily and efficiently display photo previews that match the final print.


The SW271C is compatible with the world-leading calibration software CalMAN as well as LightSpace software for videographers. It also comes with an individualised factory color calibration report and certification from CalMAN and PANTONE to give creative professionals confidence in the color displayed on screen.


Power Through with USB-C  

For more convenience, the SW271C now includes USB-C 60W power delivery as well as standard video/audio/data transmission via a single cable.


The 2nd generation Hotkey Puck features a new dial and rotation key for faster and more efficient on-screen-display choice, allowing users to view content simultaneously in different color spaces side-by-side for added comparison.


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