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BenQ Presents Webinar on Top Design, UX and Production Tips, Hosted by Tony Harmer

BenQ would gladly like to announce that on the 27th November, we will be partnering with renowned illustrator, designer, and learning-content author Tony Harmer


BenQ would gladly like to announce that on the 27th November, we will be partnering with renowned illustrator, designer, and learning-content author Tony Harmer - a.k.a The Design Ninja - to host a Webinar on Top Design, UX and Production Tips with Creative Cloud.

The webinar will begin at 11.00 GMT/12.00 CET.

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What Will You Learn?

Join Tony Harmer for this webinar in which you’ll see a whole stack of tips, techniques and possibly the odd hack or two for common design, production and UX workflows with Creative Cloud.

If you’re designing anything from business cards to websites or apps then there will be something to learn that will accelerate your production and remove some of the tedium in asset production. Whether you’ll end up buying yourself more time for the good stuff (creativity) or making your business more profitable, then these are the skills you need to learn to be more successful with your common design tasks.

Tony’s expert knowledge of the Creative Cloud design tools and interoperability is renowned worldwide and some of his training titles are the default learnings for many enterprises and organisations.

At the end, Tony will take 10 minutes to answer some of your questions.

So Who Is Tony Harmer?

A well versed pro, Tony (a.k.a The Design Ninja) currently holds position as Chief Enchantment Officer at Wizardry Ltd. As an illustrator, designer and learning-content author, Tony has consulted on design production workflows for some of the world’s largest brands and agencies, identifying workflow cost savings running into the tens of millions and frustration savings that are priceless.

As an Adobe Certified Expert and Instructor in many applications (holding over 160 technical certifications), Tony has a specialism in interoperability with Creative Cloud and is very enthusiastic about the integration of mobile tools into design workflows to accelerate production on the desktop.

Tony’s three-decade career has given him a broad experience base to draw upon including some time as a press operator, several years as a concept artist in IP development, and also delivering graphic production training in EMEA and the United States. He is the author of several video titles for and LinkedIn Learning as well as running a growing channel on YouTube with weekly artwork process tips and techniques.

Tony is a popular speaker/presenter and his often-off-the-wall sessions always provide a ton of tips, techniques, insights and inspirations delivered with humour and enthusiasm that is totally infectious.

To say BenQ is honoured (and extremely excited) to be able to present a Webinar hosted by Tony is an understatement. We’re sure with his vast amount of knowledge, you are likely to learn more than just a thing or two in this hour.


We’d love to see you there. Please register here and you’ll be invited to join us at 11.00 GMT/12.00 CET on the 27th November 2018.

Can’t make that time? Don’t worry! Register anyway and you’ll still receive the video after the event to watch in your own time.

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