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BenQ Announces ZOWIE EC-CW Wireless Mouse for Esports

The First ZOWIE Wireless Mice: The EC1-CW, EC2-CW, and EC3-CW

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EINDHOVEN, THE NETHERLANDS, 25 JANUARY 2023 – BenQ announces the release of the ZOWIE wireless mice after encountering a high demand from ZOWIE mice users who have been eagerly waiting for the EC version. ZOWIE, BenQ’s professional Esports equipment brand, took its time to make sure that the wireless mice have a delicate design and enhanced connection stability. Moreover, it prioritised providing cable-free mobility as well as higher resistance to transmission interference.


ZOWIE wireless mice all come with a unique standalone wireless receiver and an enhanced antenna at the front tip. The combination of both is to decrease the chances of unexpected transmission interference commonly experienced while using a wireless mouse. ZOWIE’s first wireless offering is the ultimate mouse choice for professional gamers as the trademark shape is more convenient for those who prefer asymmetrical ergonomic design. 


EC features a natural curvy top shell design that provides a relaxing support which fits the palm, especially when doing long-distance horizontal movement in CS:GO. This ensures stable control at manoeuvring and when lifting the mouse. EC's classic shape accommodates different grip styles without excessive palm contact, allowing for comfortable posture regardless of grip style.


Measurement studies in sports science have also shown that the shape of the EC supports a comfortable finger and forearm posture in prolonged use and with frequent clicks, thus ensuring endurance. For those gamers whose usual gameplay requires more vertical movements, EC3-CW with a shorter overall length is a nice choice.


The Wireless EC series comes in three sizes depending on in-game requirements and grip preferences. The weight and overall click feeling of the wireless version are similar to the C version mice, even though there are deviations due to different interior design structures between wired and wireless versions.


Information regarding availability or relevant events in different regions will be shared on BenQ’s social media channels. Learn more about EC1-CW, EC2-CW, and EC3-CW on BenQ's website.



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