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How can I set up ARC on a BenQ projector?


Please visit the link below and follow the instructions provided to set up ARC/eARC functionality.

1. Check if the HDMI cable you use supports ARC/eARC

    • If the cable does not support ARC/eARC, please change an HDMI cable
      that support ARC/eARC

    • If the cable supports ARC/eARC, please go to step 2.

2. Check if the HDMI port on the projector and your device both support

   • If they don’t, please change to HDMI port which supports ARC/eARC    

   • If ARC/eARC is supported, please go to step 3.

3. Check if both SPDIF and Audio Return are enabled on the projector

    • If SPDIF and Audio Return are not enabled, please enable SPDIF and
      Audio Return on the projector.

    • If they are already enabled, please go to step 4.

4. Check if Audio Return is enabled on your video source device.

    • If Audio Return is not enabled, please enable it on your video source

    • If it is already enabled, please go to step 5

5. Check if the audio format you would like is supported by your device

    • If the audio format is not supported, please contact the manufacturer of
       your device.

    • If audio format is supported, please contact BenQ with the following
       information for further investigatio if there is still no audio from your
       speaker even with the above process.

       - The setting of ARC/eARC on the BenQ projector, input source device,
         and audio output device 

       - How devices and projectors are connected

       - The model number of the video source device and audio output device

       - Cable length and material

       - The audio format from the input source

       - Media platform of input source

       - Firmware version running on the projector


Applicable Models

V6000, V6050, V7000i, V7050i, TK810, TK850, W2700i, GS50, W1800, GP500

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