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Apps sometimes quit unexpectedly on my Android TV and the system crashes to the home screen. How can I fix this?


This usually occurs when the app you use is updating, which is an enabled setting as default on Android TV, combined with an unstable or slow Internet connection. We suggest you use the BenQ User Dashboard to verify the Internet speed on your Android TV, and to improve the signal strength if it is necessary by switching your network to 5GHz from 2.4GHz, moving your wireless router to a better position, or switching to a Wi-Fi channel that is less congested for better signal strength and internet speed.

How to check internet quality through the BenQ User Dashboard on my Android TV? 

If you prefer to turn off the auto-update app setting to avoid exiting out of apps , please follow the instructions below.


Go to Apps



Go to Open Google Play Store



Go to Account



Go to Settings



Select Don’t auto-update apps

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