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What is backlight bleed or backlight leakage?


Regarding observed backlight, please keep in mind that BenQ, like all display manufacturers, has manufacturing specifications for backlight uniformity that allow some bleed around the edges of monitors, especially in those with ultra-slim, frameless or curved designs. 


LCD displays rely on internal light sources, and as part of their manufacturing process may have unwanted excess light visible to users. This applies to edge lit and backlit monitors. 

When the monitor shows a dark image, users may notice light coming in from the edges of the screen. This is a manufacturing phenomenon for the most part. 


The more powerful the illumination of a monitor the more noticeable any light bleed is. 

Light bleed or leak happens on all types of LCD monitors, and there’s nothing you as the user can do to eliminate light bleed if you notice it. You can try to lower the brightness or gamma, and see if that helps. 


Backlight bleed usually isn’t an issue as it’s not visible other than when the screen is completely black or when viewing images with dark backgrounds in dark rooms. 

Please note that BenQ monitors are not validated in a darkened room, as they are inspected using a standardized procedure and tools for uniformity verification.


If you still find the issue bothersome, please contact BenQ Support.

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