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How to solve the no audio output from a BenQ monitor?


Step 1. Check the specification of your monitor and find out whether it comes
            with the built-in speaker.


Step 2. Make sure to plug and connect the correct port on the monitor.

(1)  If the headphone or external speaker is connected to your monitor, try to
      move it as the built-in speaker will be automatically muted.

(2)  For the output source via HDMI and DisplayPort, audio will transmit
      through HDMI and DisplayPort cable.


Step 3. Check the sound settings on your computer

(1)  Go to Windows settings, select System, then click the sound option. And
      choose the output device from the monitor, then adjust the volume.

(2)  When you cannot find your monitor on the output device list, unplug and
      replug the cable.


Step 4. Check the volume settings of your monitor

Menu > Audio > Speaker


For more detail, please refer to the video:

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