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Ready for PS5

PS5/Xbox Series X is coming, are you ready to ROCK?

Buff your PS5/Xbox Series X

Every gamer has their own style. Whether you're a RPG lover or fighting game master, as a market leader of LCD monitor, BenQ has the perfect product to complement your gaming style, maximizing your enjoyment and competitive advantage.

Ready for PS5
165Hz/144Hz FHD/QHD Gaming Monitor with Built in treVolo Speakers

From PUBG to Assassin’s Creed, you love to play a wide range of game titles and want to enjoy an equivalent level of features. A combination of high refresh rate, IPS colour accuracy and immersive sound will keep you on top, no matter the game title.

Ready for PS5
RPG & Action Games | EW & EL Series
4K HDR monitor with wider colour gamut

Put yourself in the action with precise resolution, brilliant movie-like colour and immersive sound. HDRi provides you with the secret weapon, paving the way for the best 4K HDR gaming experience.

Ready for PS5
Do you need the bigger screen for game party?
Enjoy Games on a Cinematic Sized Screen with Projectors!
Ready for PS5
Fighting and FPS games | ZOWIE XL Series
Extremely faster response time & high refresh rate of esports gaming monitor

Whether it’s Tekken or Call of Duty, a split second response and reaction time are the difference between winning and losing. Ultra-low response times, minimal ghosting and exclusive DyAc Technology will have you dodging that critical attack and spotting your opponent peeking around the dimmest of corners.