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Instant Access to Big Entertainment Everywhere

Portable projectors bring big screen viewing with you on the go. You can get instant access to big entertainment wherever you are, from campiang site thorugh college dorms to meeting room. BenQ portable projectors provide good image quality, versatile connectivity, and double duty as a standalone speaker. If you’re seeking an alternative to tiney smartphone or laptop screens, portable projector would be a great choice to help level up your quality time with your family and friends.

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Hassle-Free Set Up

A convenient tilting hinge lets BenQ portable projector’s lens produce 100” images anywhere, and its auto keystone feature keeps the picture perfectly squared.

Personalized Entertainment Hub

With simple cast and play, BenQ portable projector satisfies your indoor and outdoor fun by offering audio as well as visual entertainment.

Loud and Clear Bluetooth Speaker Mode

BenQ portable projector became a battery-operated bluetooth speaker at the touch of a button, bringing crystal clear music wherever you go or turning your tent into the party ground with the music.

Aptoide TV Embedded

BenQ portable projector is equipped with streaming contents or edutainment resources to feed your appetite for indoor or outdoor enjoyment.

User-friendly Connectivity

Wireless cast & play via WiFi, Bluetooth or by Itself

HDMI Support

USB-C Display