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World's First 4LED Gaming Projector with Cinematic Experience | X1300i

  • 3000 ANSI Lumens LED High Brightness, 98% Rec.709, HDR Game Compatibility

  • GameMode Technology Brings Optimized Game Mode Presets with Low Latency (8ms @ 120Hz)

  • treVolo Stereo Speakers with Bongiovi Digital Power Station (DPS) Technology



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  • What devices does GS2 support for wireless projection?
  • Can I use GS2 to watch Netflix?
  • Can I install any apps on GS2? How?
  • Can I control GS2 with a mobile phone?
  • Can I connect GS2 to any game consoles?
  • Besides wireless projection, can GS2 project using other cables?
  • Can I use GS2 as a bluetooth speaker? Or, can GS2 connect to blutooth speakers or headphones?
  • How to have a smooth wireless casting experience with GS2?
  • Can GS2 do the wireless projection in the wifi-less environment?
  • What makes GS2 a projector for children? Is there a GS2 product video?
  • Which connectivity of X1300i supports HDR10/HLG?
  • X1300i will automatically detect HDR10/HLG and display compatible signals by connecting image source to HDMI-1 or HDMI-2 (HDMI 2.0b/HDCP2.2). 

    Note: To automatically detect HDR content, please make sure your 4K player is sending a compatible 4K HDR signal to the projector.

  • Can I connect X1300i to any game consoles?
  • Yes. You can connect X1300i to Switch, PS5 and Xbox using an HDMI cable.

  • Can I control the ATV with a mobile phone?
  • X1300i is embedded with the Smart Control App. Once installed, you can control the projector with your own mobile and benefit from its intuitive UI. 

  • Can I connect X1300i to Bluetooth speakers or headphones?
  • You can connect X1300i to your headphones, or connect other Bluetooth speakers to the ATV dongle.

  • How to choose the best game mode on X1300i?
  • You can select a preferred mode from among FPS, RPG, SPG.
    • FPS (First-Person Shooting): Enhances detail viewing experience by revealing all the enemies hidden in the dark shadow, and provides surrounding sound to hear the distant footsteps and gunshot and recognize their directions.
    • RPG (Role-Playing): Provides CinematicColor and powerful cinema sound as if in a film-like and role-playing game world.
    • SPG (Sports): Provides true colors and live vocal sound to enjoy a live broadcast sports game.

  • Can I use X1300i to watch Netflix?




    Yes. It is possible to watch Netflix using either of the following 2 methods: 


    1. Use your own laptop’s (Windows/Chrome/MacOS) Chrome browser to stream Netflix then wirelessly cast it to X1300i.    

    Make sure both X1300i and the laptop are connected to the same wireless network using either WLAN mode or mobile hotspot mode, then click/activate the "Wireless Projection" app on the home screen before casting. 


    2. View with Plug-Ins 

    Watch with an Apple TV / set-top box / gaming console / laptop connected to X1300i with an HDMI cable. 


    Please note that: 

    (1) You cannot cast Netflix on X1300i via AirPlay because of copyright protection policies.

    (2) There are many apps that can be manually installed from Google Play that allow you to watch Netflix. (*The quality of service and level of technical support for apps that are installed from Google Play are entirely subject to the respective app’s publishers.) 





  • Do I need to replace the LED lamp of the projector?
  • There is no need to replace it during the normal usage lifetime of the projector. Because the projector uses an LED light source instead of a lamp, it can last for about 20,000~30,000 hours during the normal usage lifetime of the projector. If you want to change the lamp, please notice that LED replacement is not user-serviceable, please contact the service center to replace it.