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About BenQ
A clear vision for sustainable change

Raising corporate standards through ethical and sustainable programs and practices

Our ongoing pledge

As part of our mission to deliver quality solutions and services to our customers, we commit to keep our corporate practices ethical and sustainable. We continuously uphold this responsibility by focusing our efforts on these key areas: greener production, healthier innovations, higher accountability between partners, and a stronger focus on both customer privacy and employee welfare.

Cultivating a culture of sustainability

We proactively take part in protecting the environment. Over the past decade, we’ve taken strides to ensure that our processes—from the production to distribution of our products—and business operations are eco-friendly and sustainable.

Moving user health to the forefront

Even before the pandemic, we made it a point to incorporate health-focused technologies to our products. From eye-care solutions on our monitors to air quality sensors and germ-resistant touchscreens on our interactive displays, we continuously keep innovating ways to safeguard user health.

Forging partnerships through shared accountability

We partner with suppliers and vendors who share common sustainability goals. We carefully audit their materials and production processes, guaranteeing compliance with global standards for environmental protection and safety.

Protecting customer data and privacy

Our users have sole ownership of their data. We comply with global data privacy regulations, ensuring that our customers’ information is protected whenever they use our solutions, cloud platforms, and communication channels.

Nurturing workplace diversity and growth

We create a safe working environment where our employees can flourish, regardless of their gender, race, disabilities, and beliefs. We give our employees equal access to trainings and benefits, allowing them to excel as individuals.

Our contributions so far

As of 2021, BenQ has reached the following milestones:

Over 3 million learners benefitted from classroom digitalization efforts using BenQ solutions*

100% of BenQ interactive displays have built-in germ-resistant screens and eye-care technologies**

Our user-centered product designs have received over 350 awards worldwide

*   This only includes interactive displays and interactive projectors.

**  This only includes interactive display models released starting 2020.

Chemistry management

  • Arsenic-free optical glass
  • Free from mercury, brominated flame retardants, PVC, Phthalates

Energy-efficient and Eco labelling

  • ENERGY STAR® Certified
  • EPEAT® Certified  
  • TCO Certified
  • Taiwan Green Mark 

Eco-friendly packaging

  • Packaging made of at least 80% recycled fibers

Made from better materials

  • At least 35% ,65% and 85% recycled plastic used in plastic parts
  • 100% recycled aluminum and 16% recycled steel will phase in 2024 new products
  • Paper folding or paper molding instead of plastic packaging materials

BenQ ecoFACTS Label—Voluntary Label

ecoFACTS represents the fact that BenQ has maximized its efforts in eliminating harmful substances and engaging in responsible material selection, packaging design, and energy-saving design.

BenQ ‘s environment goals

BenQ 's environment goals are the company will reduce carbon emissions by 60% and the supply chain will reduce carbon emissions by 20%, 2040 RE100 and 2050 Net Zero Emissions