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Webinar with Nemanja Sekulic - Creating a Personal Brand

Thursday, April 07, 2022 / 18:00 CEST / Webinar will be held in English language / Price: Free



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With a YouTube channel of 500k followers and years of industry experience, BenQ Ambassador Nemanja Sekulic is a highly established name in the world of Photoshop and graphic design. Drawing from his rich experience, Nemanja will teach you how to build your own brand and put yourself out there in the industry.



- What is a personal brand 

- Figuring out who you are 

- What do you want to be known for ?

- Defining your audience 

- Your website and social profiles 

- Constantly adding value to your audience  

- Building a community  

- Q&A



Nemanja Sekulic is one of the most prolific Photoshop personalities on YouTube, regularly bringing informative and fun tutorials to his viewers.

"I started to play with Photoshop and Photography in the early 2000s. Shortly after, I opened a door to the world of photo manipulation and instantly fell in love with the endless possibilities - the only limitation is your imagination. So, I decided instead to follow my heart and pursue photography and photo manipulation.

Initially my clients were some local brands in Serbia, and later I started to work for clients all around the world. Whether it's through workshops or my YouTube channel that I started in 2016, I love teaching people all around the world about photo manipulation."


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