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BenQ offers a Professional Panel Guarantee that ensures no clear pixel defects on your purchased professional monitor. The Guarantee period is eligible the first 6 months after purchase, please find more information about the pixel policy in our warranty details.


Jambord G-Suite

Dear customers, 

While BenQ is an authorized Google Workspace reseller and provider, certain issues and concerns related to Google Workspace can only be addressed directly by Google and not indirectly by BenQ. As a side note, please keep in mind that Google Workspace is still often referred to as G Suite, and the names are interchangeable for the purpose of customer service. 

We at BenQ strive to offer you the best products and services possible, and welcome all inquiries. But, in the interest of honesty and full disclosure, many aspects of Google Workspace are beyond our direct control to affect. Examples of these include app and component installation issues, as Google Workspace comprises many elements developed by Google and other parties, but not by BenQ. Google Workspace performance also falls outside of our ability to control or influence. Therefore, concerns about installation and performance should be shared with Google. 

BenQ can’t be held responsible for any third party misuse of Google Workspace, or any malfunction, failure, or damage resulting from the use of Google Workspace or any of its constituent components, or the installation of Google Workspace and its elements. 

The full Google Workspace terms of service are available here, and we highly recommend you read them:

Thanks and best regards, 

Team BenQ



PDP Pixel Policy

Dear customers, 

Kindly refer to the below guidelines regarding warranty for dead or stuck pixels. 

In the event that a display has 10 dead or stuck pixels, regardless of where they are on the screen, it is considered out of specification and the display is eligible for an RMA. 

For adjacent dead or stuck pixels, also known as clusters, we have guidance based on panel size: Displays 74” and smaller are eligible for an RMA when there are two or more adjacent dead stuck pixels, while for displays 75” and larger, a cluster of three or more dead or stuck pixels qualifies the screen for an RMA. 

Please note that the above only applies during the warranty period. Outside of the warranty period, the displays can not be serviced for dead or stuck pixels free of charge. 


Team BenQ


Local Warranty

Dear Customers, 

BenQ products by default carry local warranties. These apply to the regions where the product was sold, and to that region only. Products can only be serviced under warranty in the region of sale and thus region of original warranty coverage. 

That means if a customer located outside their original region of purchase wants to receive warranty services, they need to ship the product to an address within the original warranty region, where the product may be picked up. In-person delivery (carry in) to a local service partner is another option if the customer can arrange this. In both options, customers pay for the cost of the product arriving to the region of warranty service. 

Sincerely with thanks, 

Team BenQ