How to Start a Hybrid Meeting with BenQ InstaShow® VS20

  • 2023-04-27
How to Start a Hybrid Meeting with BenQ InstaShow VS20


As hybrid meetings have become the norm for much of the corporate world, meeting rooms in many organizations have seen an increase in the amount audio/video equipment used. The pre-meeting configurations and setups that these additional devices require have in turn made starting meetings and huddle-ups more of a hassle than before. As a result, IT staffers in all industries have been looking for equipment that deals with this issue by incorporating hybrid meetings into their overall functionality. BenQ InstaShow® VS20 does just that by integrating hassle-free video conferencing capabilities into BenQ’s already high-powered InstaShow® Wireless Presentation System (WPS).


How to Use VS20 for Hybrid Meetings in Three Steps

InstaShow VS20 allows presenters in a hybrid meeting to easily share their presentation material to both conference room and remote participants via the push of a Button.

How to Use VS20 for Hybrid Meetings in Three Steps

The entire process only takes three easy steps:

1. Set up the InstaShow® VS20
2. Starting a hybrid meeting on the host laptop/PC
3. Guests/participants join the meeting and share

How IT staff initial setup VS20 and network

Initial Setup by IT Staff

To get the InstaShow® VS20 set up, the IT staff only has to: 

1. Connect the InstaShow® VS20 Receiver:

  • A power supply
  • The conference room display
  • A network router with Internet
  • All video conference devices (e.g. webcam, speaker, etc.)

2. Download and install the “InstaShow® VS Assist” app on the laptop/PC

How does the meeting host start a video conference with VS20

Starting a Hybrid Meeting on the Host Laptop/PC & Having Guests/Participants Share

When everything is set up, get a hybrid meeting up and running by having the host laptop/PC:

1. Plug in an InstaShow® Button.
2. Connect to InstaShow®’s Wi-Fi network (via the on-screen information).
3. Launch the InstaShow® VS Assist app.
4. Launch the videoconferencing app and set both the speaker and microphone source in the app to “InstaShow® Audio”.
5. Set the camera source in the video conferencing app to “InstaShow® Camera”.

Once the hybrid meeting is going, participants can share their presentation to everyone in the following way:

  • For Local Conference Room Presenters

1. Have the presenter in the conference room connect an InstaShow® Button to their device and push the button to cast the presentation.
2. At this point remote participants will be UNABLE to view the presentation content in the videoconferencing app window. To allow them to view the presentation, click “InstaShow® Display Sharing” via the “InstaShow® VS Assist app” on the host laptop/PC and then share the viewing window that appears in the videoconferencing app.

  • For Remote Presenters
The remote participants share their presentation as they normally would in the videoconferencing app.

Introduction of InstaShow® VS20’s Wireless Microphone System

One of InstaShow® VS20’s additional features is that each of its InstaShow® Buttons feature built-in omnidirectional microphones which allow each InstaShow® Button to act as plug-and-play presentation transmitters and microphones ideal for video conferencing in huddle rooms. 


For medium to large conference rooms microphone coverage can also be extended by connecting up to 32 InstaShow® Buttons spread out across InstaShow® VS20’s 20-metre wireless signal range so that they can act as an array of wireless multi-point voice pickup microphones that captures and transmits clearly any sound within a 1.5 metre distance from each connected InstaShow® Button. 

InstaShow VS20’s Wireless Microphone System

Mid-sized Room

InstaShow VS20’s Wireless Microphone System

Large-sized Room

● InstaShow® muitipoint voice pickup

● Video bar voice coverage