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BenQ has been developed in the European market over 20 years, and is committed to providing end consumers with high-quality and reliable products and services. We are looking for group buyers or live-shopping experts or moderators from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, and the UK. Even a small group would also enjoy the discount or special gifts. Our group buying service could offer your relatives, friends or fans special discounts and the most secure buying backed by the original manufacturer guarantee.
Why choose the BenQ Group Buy service
Direct Support

Whether it is pre-purchase or after-sales, you can get direct service from BenQ staff, eliminating the need for third-party intermediaries.

Branded Warranty

All information on warranties and repair services is transparent and clear, and BenQ conforms to or exceeds EU warranty standards.

Free & Fast Shipping

Free delivery (on orders over €79) & fast shipping via UPS with online tracking.

14-Day Returns Policy

Changed your mind? The group buy units come with the 14-day returns policy.

How to cooperate with BenQ Europe for group buying?
[Option A]


Submit your group buying application as a host



[Option B]


Cooperation invitation from BenQ


BenQ Europe is looking for suitable group buyers in various communities for cooperation invitations. Worried about scammers impersonating BenQ? You can identify the following accounts as the official representative of BenQ Europe with peace of mind!