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A Monitor that Matches the Colors of your Mac® Devices

best monitor for macbook

Have you ever connected an external monitor to your Mac only to find colors do not look the same? The same background image on your desktop looks just slightly different on the external monitor, and it just does not feel right. That is because the external display is working with a different color space than the one on your Mac, so colors render differently.

So how do you fix this problem? Usually, calibrating your monitors and using the same color space would be enough, but there is just one small problem. Most of the latest Mac hardware uses a color space called Display P3, which is custom made by Apple.

Introducing M-book Mode

To solve this, color scientists at BenQ have fine-tuned a M-book color mode in the latest DesignVue PD and PhotoVue SW monitors designed to minimize the visual differences between Mac displays and  external displays. M-book mode performs precise color matching when you want a larger display that has the same color and it is particularly useful for dual-monitor use, where your MacBook® display and external monitor work together.

BenQ M-book mode takes MacBook Pro M2 13” Color LCD profile as the color benchmark to match its gamma, dynamic contrast, and color temperature. These parameters are written into the BenQ monitor’s color profile, ensuring it is ready to go out of the box.

The BenQ ICCsync auto-matches and auto-syncs ICC profiles between your Mac and BenQ Professional Monitors, and updates when color modes are changed. BenQ Uniformity Technology provides authentic color corner-to-corner, with consistent luminescence across the entire screen. Combining these two technologies with M-book mode provides the highest level of color quality and precision such that both displays look and appear to have the same color performance.

NOTE: There may be slight differences between the MacBook and BenQ M-book mode due to glossy/non-glossy screens, brightness limitations, or native color gamut coverage.

How to turn on M-book Mode?

Go to Color > Color Mode > M-book


best monitor for macbook


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What about standard color spaces?

Most professional monitors come with standard color space modes. Whether it is Adobe RGB, sRGB or some other color space, they all have specific usage scenarios. Using these standards guarantees interoperability and they are used by color professionals from web designers to photographers. The custom designed M-book mode of BenQ Professional Monitors is not meant to replace them, but to offer an additional option to those who work specifically with a MacBook.

In summary, BenQ M-book mode offers you the possibility of working on a larger monitor while keeping colors you are used to on your Mac. From our DesignVue and PhotoVue monitor’s OSD menu you can easily choose BenQ M-book mode along with various other color standard modes providing a touch more flexibility to those who care about color.

best monitor for macbook
Color Match at Its Best
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