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Best Black Friday Projector Deals 2022: What to Expect

How to not get tricked by low prices during the Black Friday deals? And how to choose the right projector?

You want a projector but need more info to make a choice - we're here to help.

Are you looking for a new 4K projector to breathe new life into your home cinema setup? Then you probably have considered taking advantage of this year's Black Friday projector deals! With the right projector, you'll be able to experience cinema-like quality in your living room or even in your garden.


1. Hassle-Free Installation

Whether you are looking to upgrade your old projector or you want to buy your very first projector, installation and space constrain are always important factors to consider before the purchase. To ensure you have enough space to project a perfect-sized image, it is crucial to consider the throw ratio of your projector. Ideally, you'd want to find a projector with a flexible ratio to play around with the image's zoom and adjust it according to various distances and locations. It is important even if you already own a home cinema and want to upgrade. Since you'd want to ensure you can use the existing mounts, saving on the costs of repeating installation.

On the other hand, if you do not have a dedicated space, you probably would not want to mount your projector. But it can become quite exhausting if you have to find a perfect place for a projector every time you want to watch a movie. Instead, make sure your new projector has an automatic image adjustment and auto-keystone to avoid a time-consuming setup process. This way, your projector will fit perfectly into any room with varied projection distances and heights. And you can lay back and enjoy the movie instead of tweaking the focus and alignment settings.

Find your hassle free projector here.


2. True 4K & High Dynamic Range (HDR)

While true 4K projectors offer 8.3 million distinct pixels per frame, many projectors on the market provide what is known as 4K enhancement. However, due to technical limitations, those projectors only double a 1920 x 1080 image resulting in 4.1 million actual projected pixels, or less than half the resolution of true 4K. At the moment, only DLP/DMD technology, as used by BenQ, offers a true 4K picture for home projectors. Thus when choosing a projector for immersive home cinema experience, avoid falling for a marketing trick to get the most quality out of your new setup.

Read more detailed explanations about true 4K.

True 4K has over four million more actual pixels compared to 4K-enhanced content.

High dynamic range, or HDR, stands together with 4K resolution as the most important development for home projectors during the past few years. With HDR, you get deeper darks, brighter whites, stronger contrast, more realistic colours, and greater overall image detail. In other words, you experience content with the same vibrant colours as initially intended without missing crucial details. Several HDR standards have been created in the industry. The most notable are HDR10 by the UHD Alliance, Dolby's Dolby Vision, and HLG. However, HDR10/HDR10+ are by far the most common.


All high-quality projectors have onboard computing elements, just like smart TVs, that handle what is known as metadata or added information. The metadata requires transforming raw images into refined output using, for instance, HDR.


Currently, all major streaming platforms (Netflix, Prime Video, Apple TV+, and Hulu) have 4K HDR content, and gaming is likewise increasingly dominated by 4K HDR graphics. So naturally, you want to take advantage of that! Thus, you have to look for a projector compatible with your needs!


3. Colour Accuracy

Home cinema means deep and saturated colours, and that's where quality projectors really stand out. Good home projectors support an assortment of industry standards, allowing you to see bright reds, yellows, greens, and high-contrast blacks. You should strive to get a projector with 95% DCI-P3 coverage or higher to enjoy every scene as intended by its cinematographers and directors.

Read more about cinematic colour and industry standards.

True 4K has over four million more actual pixels compared to 4K-enhanced content.

4. Light Conditions

Projectors work best in rooms with dimmed lights or even complete darkness. Naturally, that is often challenging to achieve in the real world. Modern quality projectors have custom modes and technologies designed to maintain good image quality in diverse light conditions. Unfortunately, cheap projectors often overpromise and underdeliver when it comes to performance in the daylight. Thus if you do not have a designated cinema room where you can completely eliminate every light source, you should pay closer attention to this specific criteria.

Ambient light conditions in your viewing environment make a huge difference.

5. The Lens Material

Projectors can only perform as well as their optics allow them to, just as TVs depend on their panel quality. That's why you should research the optical design of any projector you're thinking of buying. What you're looking for are multi-lens arrays that use coated, heat-resistant, all-glass components. Ultimately, the use of glass or the absence of such affects more than just image quality. Mixed materials and plastic lenses result in a blurry image and lost details. Meanwhile, high-standard glass lenses that pass strenuous testing guarantee long-lasting image quality.

Essentially, lenses are the most critical part of a projector, determining the quality and accuracy of what you see. A projector may have excellent image processing, but if its lenses aren't up to the task, you will not benefit from any of its advertised features, including 4K and HDR. That's why you need top-notch optics to support and enable everything else.


When looking for a new projector, make sure to tick these three criteria:

  1. Installation – be on the lookout for the projectors with automatic image adjustment and auto keystone for the cheapest and easiest installation. This way, your projector will fit perfectly into any room with varied projection distances and heights.
  2. Powerful lamps – guarantee the best performance in rooms where it is impossible to fully eliminate the light that lasts longer than a few years.
  3. Colour accuracy – you want to buy a high-quality projector that is aligned with industry standards. Meaning it will produce deep colours and saturated images as well as have high contrasts. 
  4. Advanced processing – to experience true 4K, you need to have a projector that can transform metadata into refined output (HDR), as well as the ability to produce 8.3 million pixels (4K). 
  5. Premium quality lenses – try to avoid projectors with lenses made of cheap materials. If the lens is made of mixed materials or plastics, it will negatively affect the quality of the image. You don't want to buy a projector that boasts excellent image processing that you will not be able to see due to its lens. 

The size of a projection can greatly impact the viewing experience and the projection quality. For example, a projector can appear brighter when an image is too small or vice versa. To eliminate such troubles, BenQ projectors are equipped with a zoomable lens, which makes them ideal for use in various spaces.

Use our projection calculator, a measuring tool that will help you find the best placement for your projector!


Where to Buy True 4K Projectors on Black Friday 2022?

Now that you've read the guide and learned much about projectors, you are probably wondering where to find the best 4K projector during the Black Friday discount season.

Fortunately, we have many deals in store for you! Check out our Black Friday deals to find the best 4K projector that will continue to brighten your day for many years!


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