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Four Reasons to Upgrade to a 4K TV Laser Projector


If you love new technology and are looking for ways to better enjoy your favorite streamed and physical media content and even gaming, then perhaps it’s time to consider screenless TVs. What’s a screenless TV? Effectively, a projector that doesn’t need the traditional throw distance, or placement distance, of a typical old school projector. New screenless TV laser projectors have such ultra short throw distances that they can sit on your entertainment center and project directly upwards to a wall or screen, basically creating a massive native 4K 100” TV…without the physical TV being there! What a marvel of engineering come to life.

There are several advantages to going this route with your home entertainment compared to getting yet another TV. Projectors have a feel all their own that’s the next best thing to being in a movie theater, and new generation laser projectors definitely take image quality to a whole different level that’s guaranteed to impress. Sure, you do need a relatively big room for such a large viewing format, but you already know that if you were considering a 75” and bigger television. 

laser screenless TV in a living for short throw and massive big screen entertainment

Why are 4K Laser Projectors Growing in Popularity?

And especially among discerning entertainment fans! Well, the reasons for this trend are pretty simple and we touched on several of them in the intro. Laser projectors have all the big picture impact of traditional projectors without the extensive setup. They sit close to the screen so nobody needs to walk in front of the beam when getting up for more snacks, and the image is delivered in crisp and bright native 4K. While traditional home cinema projectors tended to be installed in addition to TVs as home theater platforms, new gen laser projectors are TV replacements that don’t need any special setup at all. They’re smaller than previous generation projectors, and with their short throw fit nicely on regular entertainment centers. No ceiling mounts, floor rails, or piles of books. This is a whole new approach to projectors that retains the wow factor and even improves on image quality.

With all that in mind, you can see why laser projectors are suitable upgrade paths for TV and projector users alike. If you have a 65” 4K TV but want to go bigger, a laser projector is great. If you have a regular 1080p home cinema projector and want to go 4K, a laser projector is, you guessed it, great.

Now let’s elaborate on those four reasons from the title. 

One: Much More Flexible 100” 4K TV

Once you crave that 100” screen, there’s no going back to even 85”. A hundred inch TV looks spectacular but can come with a six-figure price tag, and the large size and weight could require special mounting reinforcement. That means a major headache if you ever want to remodel the room later on or just place the TV on a different wall. For additional perspective, remember that currently even the most advanced and slender 100" TVs from the best brands weigh nearly 200 pounds!

The latest breakthrough in laser technology engineering enables a more flexible and more premium solution with screenless 4K laser TV projectors, which weigh a fraction of that and are super easy to setup. The laser projector is a much more viable way to get true 4K 100” images than a rigid TV, and definitely offers a huge wow factor when friends visit your home.

Two: Laser is the Future

Thanks to the wonders of laser projection, ultra short throw is real. We’ve discussed that plenty above, but it’s worth reiterating that unlike traditional projectors, this short throw means the world. The projector acts just like a TV, with no clearance held in reserve. You decide how close you want to sit to the screen of your choice, and people can move freely without worrying about casting shadows as they pass in front of the projector. That’s because laser projectors are like TVs. They’re so close to the projection surface, you’ll never pass in front of the lens.

Additionally, lasers run cool and fast. Powering on and off is just as quick as an LED TV, and assured brightness in the 2500-3500 lumen range translates into vivid 4K in most ambient light situations. No more sitting in a dark room. Regular lighting associated with TV viewing works just as well with laser projectors. 

Three: Easy DIY Setup

Laser projectors, or screenless TVs as we like to call them, are tiny compared to TVs in the 75” and bigger category. Good luck trying to set up something like an 85” LED by yourself. You need two people and the whole room becomes a mess of packing materials, plus there’s the constant worry about damaging that precious, gigantic screen. Your average laser projector can be easily set up by one person in a few minutes, weighs a fraction of that monster TV, and doesn’t have anything delicate to keep you up nights. You don’t need to think about ceiling mounts or some other arrangement like that, and the only cables required are power and HDMI. 

Four: Long Lasting

Lamp-based projectors have a reputation for demanding light source swaps every couple of years lest brightness dim and colors fade. Forget all of that with laser projectors. They keep going and have nearly no degradation, in fact they’re very much like LED/OLED TVs in terms of lifespan. Except there’s no risk of burn-in or dead pixels, so chalk those up as great extras as well. 

Laser Focus on Great Viewing

We hope this quick write-up has illuminated and illustrated the importance of laser projectors as a perfectly viable option for those keen on the big screen. Native 4K, easy setup, huge picture format, long lifespan…we could go on. Laser projectors are quite revolutionary, and we hope you’ll agree. 

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