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I can't use the remote to navigate the projector's menus and other features. How can I fix this?


Please follow the steps to fix the issue.


Step 1

Please press the Voice Search button on the remote to check that it is connected to the BenQ QS02.

Step 2

If your remote is not connected to the BenQ QS02, please restart your projector to enter the Bluetooth pairing process, and go to Step 3 if your remote successfully connects to the BenQ QS02 after rebooting.

Step 3

Press and hold the Play/Pause button on your remote if your remote is connected to the BenQ QS02.

Step 4

Then, press the Navigation and OK buttons to go to Settings > Device Preference > Display & Sound > HDMI CEC  > CEC, and turn on CEC if it isn't enabled already. Restart your projector to complete the process.

Applicable Models

QS02, TK860i, V5000i, W2710i, W4000i, GP100, GV31, X300G

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