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BenQ AQCOLOR PD-20 Series: The Perfect Mac Monitor


BenQ’s AQCOLOR line of professional monitors is very well regarded in the creative industries for their quality, color performance, and competitiveness. While the SW series has gained the favor of photographers for their 99% coverage of the Adobe RGB color space, the PD-20 series has become a favorite of designers and among all types of Mac users.

It’s no surprise that such a line of refined and capable monitors has become synonymous with Mac monitor. Let us explain why the PD-20 series of AQCOLOR monitors are the ideal companion to your Mac laptop or desktop.

Thunderbolt and Power Delivery

Mac laptops and desktops have abandoned most I/O ports in favor of USB-C ports with Thunderbolt 3. One of the downsides is that adapters are commonly needed to connect HDMI or DisplayPort monitors, but on the other hand, it brings the power simplicity of Thunderbolt to your devices. Our BenQ PD-20 series have support for Thunderbolt 3 and DisplayPort alt mode over USB-C allowing you to connect your monitor directly to your Mac, no adapters needed. Additionally, the PD-20 AQCOLOR monitors have two Thunderbolt 3 ports to take advantage of Daisy Chain technology. With this technology, you can easily have super-fast storage devices, audio capture devices, and even multiple 4K monitors connected in series while only using one Thunderbolt 3 or USB-C port on your computer.

Another benefit of using USB-C connectivity instead of more traditional HDMI or DisplayPort cables is the USB Power Delivery protocol. It allows USB-C devices to provide up to 100 watts of power through the same cable. BenQ’s PD-20 monitors incorporate Power Delivery functionality to make sure your Mac laptop is charged and powered without taking up additional ports. Keeping a cable-clutter free workspace has never been easier.

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DCI-P3 and M-Book Mode

Another reason why the BenQ AQCOLOR PD-20 series is such a great Mac monitor is its color gamut. All AQCOLOR monitors are know for their astounding color performance, a trait we share with Mac computers, but what makes the PD-20 series special is their choice of the DCI-P3 color space. Since 2015 Macs use the P3 color space as their default, moving away from the more basic sRGB; this opens the window to wide color, meaning over 1 billion colors possible, instead of a few million.

Our PD-20 series monitors use 10-bit color and have at least 96% coverage of the DCI-P3 color space. In addition to this, the 4K resolution and high DPI make every detail on your screen perfect and pixels almost imperceptible.  Your Mac will feel at home when connected to an AQCOLOR PD-20 series monitor; it will show the same range of colors and the same level of visual clarity you’ve grown to expect.

However, the most special aspect of the PD-20 series is perhaps the M-book mode. While DCI-P3 is an industry standard, Apple has decided to go with their own flavor of this color gamut called Display P3. By selecting the M-book color mode in any of our PD-20 monitors, the colors on the screen will match your Mac laptop, this way you can use both displays side-by-side without any annoying color differences.

Beautiful Industrial Design

But the AQCOLOR PD-20 series monitors are not just smart, they are also beautiful. One quick look and you will be immediately enamored. The materials used in this line of monitors give them a professional and premium character. The metal used in the height-adjustable stand matches the finish of your laptop. Their design language makes it easy for them to blend in on any Mac user’s desk.

In the BenQ PD-20 monitors, beauty meets function. Their stunning screens are unencumbered by ugly bezels. It’s easy to place two side by side for an extended desktop experience with minimum wasted space. Even the base of the monitor doubles as a keyboard or laptop rest. All these small design decisions create a more beautiful, functional, and powerful Mac monitor.


Let’s summarize that again. Our AQCOLOR PD-20 monitors use a single cable to deliver a 4K video signal to the monitor (in addition to audio and traditional USB data), while Thunderbolt 3 Daisy Chain technology provides sufficient bandwidth for additional high-performance devices connected in series, and, at the same time, keeps your laptop charged thanks to Power Delivery.

In addition to that, the color gamut of our PD-20 monitors covers 96% of the DCI-P3 standard that has become the default for Mac computers since 2015. For an even better match, M-book mode recreates the Display P3 custom colors of a Mac for a close to perfect side-by-side comparison. And with a design language that complements your laptop and working space, the AQCOLOR PD-20 series monitors by BenQ fit perfectly next to your Mac

We believe that all of this makes the BenQ ACOLOR PD-20 series the perfect Mac monitor.

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