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Noise Cancellation Monitor Mic for Video Conferencing

BenQ has embedded a digital mic select new monitors, which filters out background noises, transmitting only clear vocals.

With video conferencing so integrated into your WFH life, and effective communications being so critical, can you say with confidence your headset is one you truly depend on? A lot affects this determination. Unlike your office, our home office environment is inevitably influenced by a lot of noises, such as children crying and playing, family member cleaning the house, traffic noises from all kinds of vehicles and also noises from the construction sites. What’s worse, poorly-fitting headsets press on your head or warm up your ears to cause discomfort. Badly-placed microphones may even strain your voice as your struggle to be heard clearly. Additionally, headset cables and the need to charge wireless headphones all add complications.

Therefore, a built-in monitor microphone may be a better choice, ensuring that every video meeting goes well with clear vocals, comfort, and no cable or charging messes. BenQ has embedded a digital microphone on select new monitors, which utilize environmental noise cancellation technology to filter out background noise, transmitting only important vocals to your teammates and clients.

How It Works

The human brain has the ability to pick out one voice from among many and can decode and amplify that voice over others. The traditional way used by microphones to remove noise is to “substrate” certain frequencies identified as having higher levels of background noise from the original signal. However, this is less helpful when dealing with non‐steady‐state sounds, which cover most sound in our daily life. Therefore, the noise cancellation technology on GW2484TC and GW2785TC monitor microphones filters out background noise smartly, leaving only human voices, which are the most important, as clear vocals easily heard and understood by listeners.

Looking for a more comfortable video conferencing experience? There’s a BenQ monitor with a built-in noise cancellation microphone waiting for you and eager to offer improved meeting quality alongside efficient communications.


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