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HDMI 2.1 and Your Next-Gen Gaming

HDMI2.1 Cables works well with PS5

HDMI® Specification 2.1 lead us into an age that HDMI 2.0 had headed toward. This is made possible by HDMI bandwidth capability increasing from 18Gbps to 48Gbps. When HDMI allows for more information, especially uncompressed video and digital audio signals, to pass between devices, it means boosting your entertainment to the next level by enjoying higher resolutions and high refresh rates, including native 4K at 120Hz or 8K at 60Hz. In other words, buttery-smoother images with a lot more detail are now a reality.

HDMI 2.1 and Next-Gen Game Consoles

If you are a PS5 or Xbox Series X gamer, HDMI 2.1 is what you need. Both of them support 4K, 120Hz, and HDMI 2.1. When you game on these consoles, you will surely see the difference: higher image quality and more detail. Besides, gamers also experience faster refresh rates as well as VRR (variable refresh rate). Both make it possible to reduce or eliminate lag and frame tearing for more fluid and detailed gameplay. VRR allows the source device to deliver video frames as fast as it can, achieving the full effect of high refresh rates. So far, Xbox Series X and S are verified as compatible with VRR, while PS5 has yet to add support for adaptive sync.

Want more immersion? You have a better choice

Even though HDMI 2.1 specifications are greatly upgraded, it does not mean that you automatically enjoy them all. To fully take advantage of HDMI 2.1, you need an Ultra High Speed HDMI cable, plus a monitor and source device that support HDMI 2.1 specifications. Still, it’s never too early to get ready for HDMI 2.1. Upgrade to a MOBIUZ gaming monitor like the EX2710U or EX3210U. They are equipped with HDMI 2.1 ports and get you ready for more fluid and exquisite visuals and more immersive colors. They are loaded with gamer-oriented features to enrich your gameplay with immersion. BenQ proprietary HDRi technology offers optimized color and brightness adjustments for the best viewing experience. treVolo-tuned audio is packed into the monitors, saving space while offering great aural depth to your gaming. The newest feature, an AI noise-cancelling microphone, helps you organize your teammates to win against opposing squads.

MOBIUZ gets you ready for HDMI 2.1 and more immersive gaming. 


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