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BenQ toont zijn nieuwste projectoren, interactieve touchscreens en monitoren op ISE 2012

BenQ toont zijn nieuwste projectoren, interactieve touchscreens en monitoren op ISE 2012


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Green technologies for smart projection, models with Full 3D, Interactive Flat Panels and professional monitors to fit every life style 

Europe, January 27, 2012 – A leading provider of networked digital lifestyle devices and a multi-faceted company with strengths in product design and visual technologies BenQ announces its participation in ISE 2012, which will be held January 31 – February 2, 2012 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Presenting its new exposition “Eco, Smart – State of the Art”, BenQ will showcase its leading technologies and products developed with understanding of AV and education professionals’ needs. A complete new product range of projectors, Interactive Flat Panels and LCD monitors will be presented by BenQ at booth #4U35 in Hall 4 in RAI Convention Center.

“We have always looked deep in future while developing products in the harmony between people and the environment. This year is not different – we are more than pleased to introduce winning solutions at ISE 2012, which will bring the experience of our audience into a new level of benefits.” – said Adams Lee, President of BenQ Europe.

A New Light to the World: BenQ BlueCore Light Engine
BenQ is proud to be the first to introduce a whole new projector light engine to the world! The BlueCore light engine is a next generation light engine which utilizes the unparalleled qualities of a laser light source to achieve optimized energy efficiency, projection performance and readiness.
A new light to the world is presented by BenQ LW61ST - the first education projector built on the BlueCore light engine. Designed to bring images to life while keeping the total cost of ownership down, BenQ’s new LW61ST provides:
• An average of 20000 hours of reliable brightness in Eco Mode
• 80000:1 ultra-high contrast ratio for outstanding images and crisp clear content
• Instant on/off capability to save time on projector warm up or cool down
• A mercury-free light source that is more environmentally friendly and safe

SmartEco™ – Benefits. No Compromise.
The technological breakthrough of SmartEco™ lies in the energy-efficient switching of the lamp system to different brightness settings. An internal software solution compensates for this process by retaining an optimum color spectrum whilst also providing improved contrast. Through this revolutionary technology the lamp always adjusts itself optimally and generates just as much light as necessary while reducing the energy consumption up to 70%.
The cost-effective and eco-friendly projector - BenQ MW851UST – a new projector for interactive whiteboard that utilizes BenQ SmartEco™ technology and offers 0.36:1 throw-ratio, turns BenQ into the global short-throw projector expert with a full offering of short-throw ranges to fit any classroom size and need. The Eco Blank Mode, which helps blank the screen and conserve lamp power by up to 70% when the projector is not actively in use. By blanking the projection screen, teachers get to redirect students’ focus back on them while keeping the Earth lookin’ great.

Interactive Flat Panels
Interactive displays have become one of the most powerful office and teaching tools today, replacing traditional meeting, trainings and classroom instructions with a new style of business communication and learning. The Optical Dual Touch Technology of BenQ Interactive Panels works its magic turning the displayed image into a multi-touch screen which means two persons at the same time can come up to the board for a quick contest and trial. It also is built with an ambient light sensor to detect the amount of ambient lightning in its surrounding and adjust the display setting accordingly without user intervention.
BenQ offers several solutions of interactive flat panels from 42” up to 65” which are designed with safety and flexibility, easy and simple to install in any office or classroom to maximize the presentations and learning experience.

Professional LCD Monitors to Fit Every Lifestyle
Being a global leader in LED monitor visual display, BenQ offers unrivalled breadth and depth of professional solutions for personal and business use. BenQ LCD monitors will be presented in the three professional series.

BenQ Corporate Series of LCD monitors are tailor-made to turn your business solutions into powerful packages that your clients cannot afford to miss. Whether it is the ergonomic design for work comfort, economic value of cost-effectiveness, ecological considerations for a healthy planet or the added enjoyment of eye-pleasing visual technologies – BenQ Corporate Series is the best value choice for you and your clients.

BenQ Entertainment Series seamlessly integrates audio and visual dimensions of entertainment. Equipped with true 8-bit for a smooth visual presentation it also gives Plug’n’Play connection possibilities from watching sports to movies and from online games to online networking. All in one it provides the full cinematic experience right at home.

BenQ has carefully listened to what gamers want, down to the very meticulous details. The all new BenQ Professional gaming monitors XL and RL Series are true testaments to the belief that gaming is in the details, delivering form and functions gamers need to gain a competitive edge. It carries exceptional features that have been co-developed by well-known gamers. Each series has been created for a specific gaming purpose to give total control and accuracy – making every gaming success more enjoyable and completing.